Addspw 62 The Duke of Fathoms Abyssal Council - старонка 7

.addspw 19237 Severed Spirit Kirin Tor

.addspw 19008 Luminrath with Cape Kirin Tor

.addspw 19005 Cohlien Frostweaver with Hat Kirin Tor

.addspw 18978 Abjurist Belmara Kirin Tor

.addspw 18973 Cohlien Frostweaver Kirin Tor

.addspw 18972 Conjurer Luminrath Kirin Tor

.addspw 18971 Battle-Mage Dathric Kirin Tor

.addspw 19239 Tormented Citizen Kirin Tor

.addspw 18661 Ravandwyr Kirin Tor Apprentice

.addspw 12924 Knight Feltharas Knight

.addspw 12920 Knight-Captain Quine Knight-Captain

.addspw 2197 Knight-Champion Thylyana Knight-Champion

.addspw 12919 Knight-Lieutenant Hammon Knight-Lieutenant

.addspw 4300 Harb Clawhoof Kodo Mounts

.addspw 4298 Kar Stormsinger Kodo Riding Instructor

.addspw 19497 Trader Narasu Kurenai Quartermaster

.addspw 7552 Keb'ezil Kurgatok's Minion

.addspw 16281 Zasha Lady of Thrallmar

.addspw 6797 Simone Cantrell Landscape Architect

.addspw 1736 Master Mathias Shaw Leader of SI:7

.addspw 4322 Commander Althea Ebonlocke Leader of The Night Watch

.addspw 15277 Samuel Hawke League of Arathor Supply Officer

.addspw 3872 Jahan Hawkwing Leather & Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 4406 Mavralyn Leather Armor & Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 3339 Veldan Lightfoot Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1842 Kat Sampson Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1445 Lara Moore Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1517 Seoman Griffith Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 13190 Rendow Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1634 Eliza Callen Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 3798 Varia Hardhide Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 10182 Varg Windwhisper Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 2129 Grod Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 5013 Bernard Brubaker Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 3408 Burdrak Harglhelm Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1321 Morgum Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 3544 Alexandre Lefevre Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1726 Freja Nightwing Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 1714 Sinda Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 7101 Pizznukle Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 2064 Tandaan Lightmane Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 2246 Cyridan Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 4379 Gillian Moore Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 7623 Ahanu Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 9772 Sanuye Runetotem Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 16819 Noraelath Leather Armor Merchant

.addspw 2093 Mahu Leatherworking & Tailoring Supplies

.addspw 16803 Zaralda Leatherworking Supplier

.addspw 3357 Clyde Ranthal Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 3680 George Candarte Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 7170 Rikqiz Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 3965 Androd Fadran Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 3951 Tunkk Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 7186 Blixrez Goodstitch Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 1388 Tamar Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 2062 Lardan Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 2265 Saenorion Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 2635 Joseph Moore Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 3105 Bombus Finespindle Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 3448 Jillian Tanner Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 10980 Harlown Darkweave Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 6892 Pratt McGrubben Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 6893 Jangdor Swiftstrider Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 7382 Nioma Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 12957 Leonard Porter Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 12975 Werg Thickblade Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 12977 Zannok Hidepiercer Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 18641 Cro Threadstrong Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 17651 Kinamisa Leatherworking Supplies

.addspw 16708 Sathein Leatherworking Trainer

.addspw 12681 Legionnaire Ba'Sha Legionnaire

.addspw 3253 Brother Paxton Librarian

.addspw 1485 Adair Gilroy Librarian

.addspw 5553 Milton Sheaf Librarian

.addspw 1573 Donyal Tovald Librarian

.addspw 6071 Lieutenant Commander Wytherath Lieutenant Commander

.addspw 4009 Lieutenant General Ishtyana Lieutenant General

.addspw 4385 Sranda Light Armor & Weapons Merchant

.addspw 1488 Duncan Cullen Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 1317 Ollanus Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 2666 Lauren Newcomb Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 3049 Raena Flinthammer Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 3106 Lissyphus Finespindle Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 7381 Worb Strongstitch Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 10740 Blixxrak Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 12034 Kharedon Light Armor Merchant

.addspw 14589 Flik Little Orc Child

.addspw 10704 Jorb Lizzarik's Bodyguard

.addspw 2232 Faelyssa Lockpicking Trainer

.addspw 6889 7:XT Long Distance Recovery Unit

.addspw 1913 Raytaf Loramus's Guardian

.addspw 1913 Shahiar Loramus's Guardian

.addspw 1913 Zaman Loramus's Guardian

.addspw 9472 Lord Victor Nefarius Lord of Blackrock

.addspw 16368 Mathius Lord of Honor Hold

.addspw 3597 King Magni Bronzebeard Lord of Ironforge

.addspw 20023 Prince Kael'Thas Sunstrider Lord of Quel'Thalas

.addspw 10992 Mini Diablo Lord of Terror

.addspw 6572 Lord Jorach Ravenholdt Lord of the Assassin's League

.addspw 4308 Montarr Lorekeeper

.addspw 20666 Lower City Operative Lower City

.addspw 5032 Terry Palin Lumberjack

.addspw 1269 Sneed's Shredder Lumbermaster

.addspw 7125 Sneed Lumbermaster

.addspw 20884 Sinnea Starsong Lunar Festival Herald

.addspw 2085 Etu Ragetotem Mace & Staff Merchant

.addspw 2263 Mythidan Mace & Staff Merchant

.addspw 1382 Koru Mace & Staves Vendor

.addspw 1845 Nillen Andemar Macecrafter

.addspw 7183 Kizz Bluntstrike Macecrafter

.addspw 3076 Kelomir Ironhand Maces & Staves

.addspw 11754 Rahauro Magatha's Servant

.addspw 3348 Theocritus Mage of Tower Azora

.addspw 5001 Khelden Bremen Mage Trainer

.addspw 1294 Zaldimar Wefhellt Mage Trainer

.addspw 10216 Marryk Nurribit Mage Trainer

.addspw 10215 Magis Sparkmantle Mage Trainer

.addspw 1592 Isabella Mage Trainer

.addspw 1600 Cain Firesong Mage Trainer

.addspw 2134 Archmage Shymm Mage Trainer

.addspw 6058 Ursyn Ghull Mage Trainer

.addspw 2135 Thurston Xane Mage Trainer

.addspw 10733 Kaelystia Hatebringer Mage Trainer

.addspw 2644 Pierce Shackleton Mage Trainer

.addspw 2657 Anastasia Hartwell Mage Trainer

.addspw 3108 Bink Mage Trainer

.addspw 10214 Juli Stormkettle Mage Trainer

.addspw 3109 Nittlebur Sparkfizzle Mage Trainer

.addspw 3292 Jennea Cannon Mage Trainer

.addspw 3293 Elsharin Mage Trainer

.addspw 10171 Un'Thuwa Mage Trainer

.addspw 4524 Pephredo Mage Trainer

.addspw 4522 Enyo Mage Trainer

.addspw 4526 Mai'ah Mage Trainer

.addspw 4523 Deino Mage Trainer

.addspw 6060 Uthel'nay Mage Trainer

.addspw 6072 Dink Mage Trainer

.addspw 16223 Valaatu Mage Trainer

.addspw 16680 Garridel Mage Trainer

.addspw 17243 Harnan Mage Trainer

.addspw 17241 Bati Mage Trainer

.addspw 17242 Edirah Mage Trainer

.addspw 16809 Inethven Mage Trainer

.addspw 16824 Quithas Mage Trainer

.addspw 16781 Zaedana Mage Trainer

.addspw 15522 Julia Sunstriker Mage Trainer

.addspw 17241 Al Jen Mage Trainer

.addspw 15539 Lady Callow Mageweave Bandage Collector

.addspw 4562 Grimnal Mail & Plate Merchant

.addspw 1423 Aldric Moore Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 1514 Maxton Strang Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 1518 Wilhelm Strang Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 1500 Agustus Moulaine Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 1319 Sana Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 2226 Melea Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 3079 Dolkin Craghelm Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 7624 Elki Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 11666 Graw Cornerstone Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 16679 Keeli Mail Armor Merchant

.addspw 3597 Marshal BronzeHead Marshal

.addspw 4380 Rogvar Master Alchemist

.addspw 7018 Kylanna Windwhisper Master Alchemist

.addspw 7161 Brikk Keencraft Master Blacksmith

.addspw 19602 Rhonsus Master Blacksmith

.addspw 6917 Peter Galen Master Dragonscale Leatherworker

.addspw 6916 Thorkaf Dragoneye Master Dragonscale Leatherworker

.addspw 7030 Sarah Tanner Master Elemental Leatherworker

.addspw 6918 Brumn Winterhoof Master Elemental Leatherworker

.addspw 10609 Annora Master Enchanter

.addspw 18773 High Enchanter Bardolan Master Enchanter

.addspw 8010 Buzzek Bracketswing Master Engineer

.addspw 6710 Oglethorpe Obnoticus Master Gnome Engineer

.addspw 7028 Tinkmaster Overspark Master Gnome Engineer

.addspw 7340 Nixx Sprocketspring Master Goblin Engineer

.addspw 8009 Vazario Linkgrease Master Goblin Engineer

.addspw 19195 Farii Master Jewelcrafter

.addspw 19193 Kalinda Master Jewelcrafter

.addspw 10623 Hahrana Ironhide Master Leatherworker

.addspw 10622 Drakk Stonehand Master Leatherworking Trainer

.addspw 1484 Maginor Dumas Master Mage

.addspw 3246 Elling Trias Master of Cheese

.addspw 5728 Kendor Kabonka Master of Cooking Recipes

.addspw 12922 Master Sergeant Karter Master Sergeant

.addspw 2664 Josephine Lister Master Shadoweave Tailor

.addspw 8809 Jalane Ayrole Master Shadoweave Tailor

.addspw 3655 Daryl Stack Master Tailor

.addspw 10587 Timothy Worthington Master Tailor

.addspw 7042 Se'Jib Master Tribal Leatherworker

.addspw 3336 Quartermaster Hicks Master Weaponsmith

.addspw 18472 Nicole Bartlett Matron

.addspw 4321 Lord Ello Ebonlocke Mayor of Darkshire

.addspw 2111 Kaga Mistrunner Meat Vendor

.addspw 1312 Olvia Meat Vendor

.addspw 1390 Borstan Meat Vendor

.addspw 2217 Jaeana Meat Vendor

.addspw 3078 Sognar Cliffbeard Meat Vendor

.addspw 7039 Milli Featherwhistle Mechanostrider Merchant

.addspw 7038 Binjy Featherwhistle Mechanostrider Pilot

.addspw 18246 Burko Medic

.addspw 17651 Aresella Medic

.addspw 17630 Lorti Merchant

.addspw 17414 Zurai Merchant

.addspw 7133 Zixil Merchant Supreme

.addspw 1433 Roberto Pupellyverbos Merlot Connoisseur

.addspw 1844 Morhan Coppertongue Metalsmith

.addspw 3748 Krunn Miner

.addspw 3537 Johan Focht Miner

.addspw 7341 Pikkle Miner

.addspw 1569 Foreman Stonebrow Miners' League

.addspw 3423 Quarrymaster Thesten Miners' League

.addspw 3363 Karen Taylor Mining and Smithing Supplies

.addspw 2092 Kurm Stonehoof Mining Supplier

.addspw 1380 Gorina Mining Supplier

.addspw 3093 Golnir Bouldertoe Mining Supplier

.addspw 2672 Sarah Killian Mining Supplier

.addspw 3313 Brooke Stonebraid Mining Supplier

.addspw 5020 Thelgrum Stonehammer Mining Supplier

.addspw 8089 Karm Ironquill Mining Supplies

.addspw 10744 Lunnix Sprocketslip Mining Supplies

.addspw 16832 Zelan Mining Supplies

.addspw 1822 Brock Stoneseeker Mining Trainer

.addspw 3424 Dank Drizzlecut Mining Trainer

.addspw 2083 Brek Stonehoof Mining Trainer

.addspw 4333 Matt Johnson Mining Trainer

.addspw 1379 Makaru Mining Trainer

.addspw 3092 Geofram Bouldertoe Mining Trainer

.addspw 2617 Brom Killian Mining Trainer

.addspw 3396 Yarr Hammerstone Mining Trainer

.addspw 3308 Gelman Stonehand Mining Trainer

.addspw 5019 Kurdram Stonehammer Mining Trainer

.addspw 18182 Hurnak Grimmord Mining Trainer

.addspw 16761 Belil Mining Trainer

.addspw 18062 Arquii Minion of Sargeras

.addspw 18062 Arqawo Minion of Sargeras
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