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T Ten Commandments, The - President Fu Manchu Encyclopedia


Ten Commandments, The

Somewhere East of Suez, where the best is like the worst / And there ain’t no Ten Commandments…” one of the opium smokers quoted in Shen-Yan’s opium den (MYSTERY).


Smith said that the gasworks reminded him of a Mexican teocalli (MYSTERY).


The body of the dacoit responsible for the Zayat Kiss was pulled from the Thames off Tilbury (MYSTERY). Petrie could hear its’ whispering outside the Wapping River Police Station (MYSTERY).

Three Musketeers, The

Emmanuel Dumas claimed to be descended from their creator (PRESIDENT). The twenty tiny pages at Lola Dumas’ wedding were to be dressed as black Musketeers (PRESIDENT).

Three Musketeers, The

Lola Dumas was to wear the diamond brooch featured in the story at her wedding (PRESIDENT).


Sir Crichton Davey was the only Englishman who understood the importance of the Tibetan frontiers (MYSTERY). Paul Salvaletti had learned the ‘subtle art of mass control as understood by the Eastern adepts in the Tibetan monastery of Rachê Churân’ (PRESIDENT). Abbot Donegal said that the Council of Seven was based in Tibet (PRESIDENT).


The body of the dacoit responsible for the Zayat Kiss was pulled from the Thames off Tilbury (MYSTERY).

Times Building, The

Lieutenant Johnson reported to Nayland Smith from there (PRESIDENT).

Times Square

James Richet took his last taxi ride from Times Square (PRESIDENT).


Mr. Dougherty, the night manager of the Regal-Athenian spoke with a rich Tipperary brogue (PRESIDENT).

Tombs, The

The occupants of the building across the street from Wu King’s bar were arrested and taken to the Tombs (PRESIDENT).


The plane which launched the missile attack on the Tower of the Holy Thorn was forced down near the river above Tonawanda (PRESIDENT).


Jules Furneaux was killed because he held the key to the secret of Tongking (MYSTERY).

Twentieth Century Limited

American train. It was sidetracked to allow the passage of Nayland Smith’s special (PRESIDENT).

Tz'u Hsi

Sam Pak had been governor of a great Chinese province in the days of the empress (PRESIDENT).


United States of America

Fu Manchu plotted to install a puppet president of the United States (PRESIDENT). Nayland Smith said that the resources of the United States alongside those of three European powers had been brought into play against Fu Manchu (PRESIDENT). There was a map of the country on the wall of Nayland Smith’s suite (PRESIDENT). Salvaletti said that Bragg’s would be the first ideal form of government that any country ‘America, Africa, Europe – or Asia’ had ever known (PRESIDENT). There was an American desk in Cadby’s sitting-room (MYSTERY). Nayland Smith said that Fu-Manchu’s movement was so “epoch-making” that not one American in fifty-thousand had ever dreamed of it (MYSTERY).

United States Department of Justice

Mark Hepburn realised that Nayland Smith did not come under its jurisdiction (PRESIDENT). Abbot Donegal had sourcesof information denied to the Justice Department (PRESIDENT).

United States Medical Corps

Mark Hepburn was a Captain of the Medical Corps (PRESIDENT).

United States Navy

Mrs. Adair’s husband had been a US naval officer (PRESIDENT).


Valetti, Mrs.

Name used by Paul Salvetti’s wife (PRESIDENT).


Champagne flowed as freely as water from the fountains of Versailles at Harvey Bragg’s reception (PRESIDENT).


Wall Street

Emmanuel Dumas had continued to thrive when most of his Wall Street contemporaries had been washed up (PRESIDENT).

Walsh, John

Federal agent who discovered Orwin Prescott’s tracks at Weaver’s Farm (PRESIDENT).


Nayland Smith was called to Wapping River Police Station by Weymouth to view Cadby’s body (MYSTERY). Cadby was dressed as the kind of nondescript seaman commonly seen in Wapping (MYSTERY).

Wapping High Street

Smith & Petrie’s cab drove along wapping High Street on the way to Brixton (MYSTERY).

Washington DC

The abbot of the Holy Thorn said that mysterious orders from Washington had brought him to the Tower of the Holy Thorn after his collapse in the middle of a radio broadcast (PRESIDENT). Nayland Smith believed that Fu Manchu would choose New York, not Washington, as his American base (PRESIDENT). The newspapers placed the Washington news even above love, murder or divorce (PRESIDENT). Norbert told

Owen Prescott that he had left for Washington on the day of Prescott’s accident (PRESIDENT). Herman Grosset claimed that he couldn’t be bought for all the gold in Washington (PRESIDENT). Ahmed Fayume said he was on a visit to Washington (PRESIDENT). Nayland Smith said that Washington was an ‘armed camp’ as a result of Fu Manchu’s machinations (PRESIDENT). Orders from Washington in the wake of Fu Manchu’s escape from New York urged Federal agents to frantic activity (PRESIDENT).


Nayland Smith’s battle against Fu Manchu was compared to the Battle of Waterloo (PRESIDENT). Fu Manchu said that the American affair threatened to become his Waterloo (PRESIDENT).


New York police officer. One of the men involved in the assault on Fu Manchu’s water gate (PRESIDENT).

Weaver’s Farm

Home of Sarah Lakin in Winton, Connecticut. Dr. Orwin Prescott was abducted from there (PRESIDENT).

Webster, Daniel

The Memory Man’s model for his sculptures was a 1932 Daniel Webster stamp. A piece of paper with a pear-shaped hole placed over it revealed what appeared to be a hideous Chinese face – a caricature of Fu Manchu (PRESIDENT).

Wellington, Duke of

Nayland Smith’s battle against Fu Manchu was compared to Wellington’s against Bonaparte (PRESIDENT).

Western Union

A western Union messenger brought Sarah Lakin’s letter to Nayland Smith (PRESIDENT).

Weymouth, Inspector

Scotland Yard detective (MYSTERY). He was the investigating officer in the Crichton Davey case (MYSTERY).

White House, The

Harvey Bragg aimed at the White House , but Norbert said that the debate at Carnegie Hall would be the biggest check in his headlong career towards it, but at the end of the debate he was many marches closer to it (PRESIDENT). Lola Dumas felt that Paul Salvaletti would ultimately occupy the White House; Fu Manchu said that he had chosen him to do so (PRESIDENT).


Irish County. Mrs. Adair came from there (PRESIDENT).


Groom in the employ of Sir Crichton Davey (MYSTERY).


Town in Connecticut. Weaver’s Farm was located there (PRESIDENT).

Wu Chang

Chinese member of the Si-Fan responsible for ferrying members of the Seven to the water-gate entrance to Base 3 (PRESIDENT).

Wu King

Oily and genial Chinese New York barkeeper. And one of the wealthiest Chinese men in New York. He lived with his wife on the top floor of the building housing his bar. He owned the whole building, and the building across the street, and rented parts of it out. He was arrested during the police raid on his bar (PRESIDENT).

Wu King’s Bar

New York bar. Headquarters of the Hip Sing Tong. The Lotus Cab driver reported to Fu Manchu from there. Sam Pak met Peter Carlo there (PRESIDENT).

Wyatt, Mr.

Government agent on duty in the lobby of the Regal-Athenian on the night of Hepburn’s murderous attack on Nayland Smith, and who later brought Nayland Smith a message from Hepburn (PRESIDENT).


Yellow Uncle

Robbie Adair’s name for Fu Manchu (PRESIDENT).


There was a Yiddish theatre bill on the wall of Shen-Yan’s (MYSTERY).



Vehicles used by the Si Fan. One shadowed Mrs. Adair and she was able to escape Lieutenant Johnson in it (PRESIDENT).


Nayland Smith explained that the zayats were the Burmese caravanserais (MYSTERY).

Zayat Kiss, The

Its symptoms were a red mark on the skin resembling the imprint of painted lips. It first appeared among the caravanserais or zayats along a certain route in Burma. Nayland Smith discovered that it was caused by the bite of a centipede (MYSTERY).

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