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A record of Seventy Families, Their Homesteads - старонка 42

Lynn, Mass.

51-4 George Henry md. 1st Elizabeth Hill, a sister of Edgar

Hill. They had 3 sons.

53-1 Robert ) Medicine Hat

54-2 James C. ) Medicine Hat

55-3 Everard - Lacombe, Alberta

George Henry md. 2nd Bessie Dickson, they had 4 sons.

56-4 Dickson of Arrow Park, B.C.

57-5 Charles of Moncton, N. B.

58-6 Bill ) Fort St. John, B.C.

59-7 Stanley ) Fort St. John, B.C.

52-5 James Parker Kent md. Isabelle Gladwin. They lived in

Chilliwack, B.C. They

had 6 sons and 2 daus. These are listed in the Gladwin history.

Ref: James C. Parker, Medicine Hat, Alt. His grandmother, Sarah

Parker Kent gave the history of the Kent family to his


PAGE 429.

10-4 Hannah Swinburn Kent (2nd dau. of James and Christianna

Guild Kent) md. Samuel Dickie of Meagher’s Grant. They had 3

sons and 3 daus.

60-1 Andrew

61-2 Sidney

62-3 Laura

63-4 James

64-5 Harriet

65-6 Electie

60-1 Andrew Dickie md. Minnie McVicar. They had 4 sons and 2


66-1 Bayer md. Isabelle McBain

67-2 Ray

68-3 Frank

69-4 Guy md. Evelyn Grant

70-5 Bessie (Mrs. Landon)

71-6 Lillie (Mrs. Foster Cruickshank)

61-2 Sidney Dickie md. ------. They had 6 daus. and 1 son.

72-1 Mabel

73-2 Gertie (Mrs. Cecil Woodworth)

74-3 Maude and Edith died young

75-4 Annie (Mrs. Joe Bentley of Alton)

76-5 Frank md. ------ Dillman - lives in Meagher’s Grant

62-3 Laura Dickie md. Joseph Seaton. They had 1 son and 2 daus.

78-1 Ethel

79-2 Mae (Mrs. Aitken)

80-3 Fred

63-4 James Dickie md. Mary Ann Reid, widow of James Reid. They

had 4 sons and

1 dau.

81-1 Laurie md. Ella Bayers

82-2 Howard

83-2 Harold

84-3 Hattie (Mrs. Morton McMullin)

PAGE 430.

85-4 Harry md. Margaret Hurley

11-5 Wellington Kent md. Eliza McInnes in 1840. They had 2 sons

and 5 daus.

86-1 Samuel Wellington

-2 Edward md. Twice died in Calif.

-3 Melissa md. William Livingston, died in Everett,

Mass. - family of 5.

-4 Amanda md. John Wilbur - no issue

-5 Adella died in early youth

-6 Emma died in early youth

-7 Annie, single - died in Calif.

86-1 Samuel Wellington Kent died 1957 age 98. First md. Jane

McQuinn, she died at birth of dau. Jane Abigail.

1. Jane Abigail md. William Langille, they had 3 sons and 1 dau.

1. Russell md. - Rosborough

2. George md. Jane Hook

3. Louise d at 11 yrs.

4. Curtis md. Grace Peverill (Onslow)

Samuel md. 2nd Gertrude Stevenson, they had

1. James Edgar, died at 2 years.

2. Emma md. Ernest Benjamin - 3 sons and 2 daus.

3. Frank Robert - killed in W.W. 1

4. Adella md. Daniel McPhail - 1 son

5. Josephine died infancy

6. Mae md. John McPhail - 1 son and 2 daus.

7. Guy W. md. Norma Grant - 5 sons and 1 dau.

8. Sidney md. Irene Duggin - no issue.

9. Annie md. Norman McLean - no issue.

10.Lloy - still born

Ref: Mrs. Ernest Benjamin, Brookfield, Col. Co., N.S.

PAGE 431.

13-7 Mary (4th dau. of James and Christianna Guild Kent) md

Francis Parker. She died at the home of her dau. Mrs. Kaizer in

Chezzetcook. They had,

101-1 Dau. (Mrs. Kaizer) whose son, Parker, has a dau.


102-2 Margaret (Mrs. Frank Wright)

103-3 Christianna (Mrs. Alfred Lay - dau. Mrs. Angus


104-4 Janet (Mrs. Dunbrack)

105-5 Frank

106-6 James

107-7 Harriet (Mrs. Kerr)

108-8 Hannah md.

14-8 James Kent (4th son of James and Christianna Guild Kent) md.

Eliza Ann Higgins. His family is listed in the John Higgins


15-9 Christianna Kent (5th dau. of James and Christianna Guild

Kent) md. James Muir in 1856. hey had 1 son.

109-1 Clarence md. Bernice Stewart and had 2 daus.

1. Blanche (Mrs. Ernest Stewart)

2. (Mrs. Kent Dean)

John Layton

Francis Layton of Yorkshire, England emigrated to this country in

the year 1774, making his home in Falmouth, Hants Co., N.S. He

left eighteen children, sixty grand-children and sixteen great


1. Francis Layton and his wife, Elizabeth West, and their child

Francis who was born in 1773, sailed from Hull, Yorkshire in the

“Two Friends” in the year 1774. It is said Francis was married

four times; his last wife, Letitia, survived him. 7 sons and 1

dau. No record of other children.

2-1 Francis b 1773-Nov. 13, 1838

3-2 William

4-3 Richard

5-4 John B.

PAGE 432.

6-5 Charles b Sept. 27, 1782

7-6 Timothy

8-7 Elizabeth Jackson

9-8 James Graham

2-1 Francis Layton (1st son of Francis and Elizabeth West Layton)

md. Abigail Stevens (1783-1854) of Onslow on March 5, 1801. They

had 10 sons and 3 daus.

1. Elizabeth Ann b Dec. 31, 1801-May 19, 1877

2. Jacob Stevens b July 8, 1804-Jan. 21, 1894

3. Charles Ryan b July 12, 1806-Oct 29, 1871

4. Francis Jr. b May 18, 1808-Nov. 2, 1871

5. Ezra Stevens b July 9, 1810-Apr. 14, 1896

6. Peter b Nov. 18, 1812-Nov. 22, 1812

7. Ruth Ryan b Dec. 8, 1813-Aug. 21, 1899

8. Reuben Richardson b Jan. 28, 1816-Apr. 7, 1897

9. David Lynds b Mar. 6, 1818-June 9, 1895

10.Joseph Mahon b Jan. 16, 1821-June 9, 1889

11.Sarah Jane b May 26, 1823-Mar. 15, 1824

12.James Munro b Dec. 6, 1825-May 24, 1912

13.John William b Apr. 1828-May 21, 1897

1. Elizabeth Ann Layton md. David Jenks

2. Jacob md. 1stAnn Newcombe, 2nd Mrs. Rhoda Stevens.

3. Charles md. Mary Flemming

4. Francis Jr. md. Mary Ann Crowe

5. Ezra md 1st Margret Ryan, md. 2nd Margaret Newcombe, md. 3rd

Mrs. Catherine Reid

7. Ruth md. Robert D. Peers

8. Reuben md. Jane Fountain

9. David md. Ellen Stevens

10. Joseph md. Esther Dickie of Lower Stewiacke. She died Sept.

21, 1904, age 86 years.

12. James md. Rebecca Logan (Jan. 9, 1819-June 1850).

13. John md. Rachael Stevens.

Mrs. Harris Allen, Amherst is a descendant of Joseph Mahon


PAGE 433.

Miss Elsie Layton of Great Village is a descendant of Jacob

Stevens Layton. All the Laytons of this country are said to be

descendants of Francis Layton of Falmouth, N.S. and the Laytons

of Musquodoboit are descendants of his son John.

5-4 John Layton (4th son of Francis and Elizabeth West Layton)

attended school at Horton, Hants Co. between the years 1798 and

1800. He md. Catherine Masters and settled in Middle

Musquodoboit about 1801. He received two grants of land of 100

and 400 acres on Aug. 16, 1811. He built his house behind the

present house of George Fulton, (1980). John was a blacksmith.

There are now about 10 dwelling houses, a store, a garage,

Middleton United Church and Pioneer Cemetery on the original

property. All the houses and buildings from the home of Robert

Fulton to Mrs. Albert Ettingers’ home are on the original grant.


It is thought that John and his wife are buried in the Hillside

Cemetery in the William Layton lot as William had a stone for

Mary Eliza (his sister) and mother although no dates are given.

John and Catherine Layton had 6 sons and 6 daus.

*9-1 Mary b Dec. 18, 1801-Jan. 21, 1802, age 1 month..

*10-2 Mary R. b Feb. 17, 1803-Sept. 16, 1886-age 73


11-3 Richard b Dec. 18, 1804-July 13, 1878 age 74.

*12-4 Lavinia b Oct. 21, 1806-Feb. 4, 1885 age 79

*13-5 Letitia b June 10, 1808-Apr. 29, 1893 age 85

14-6 John B Dec. 1, 1809-Dec. 29, 1857 age 48

*15-7 Elizabeth b Jan. 15, 1812-1903 age 91

16-8 Jonathan b Sept. 25, 1813-Apr. 4, 1896 age 83

PAGE 434.

*17-9 Francis b Jan 17, 1815-Feb. 4, 1886 age 71

18-10 Nathaniel b Aug. 11, 1816 -

*19-11 Lydia Ann Masters b Feb. 12, 1819-Dec. 11, 1888

age 71

20-12 William b Oct. 4, 1821 -May 22, 1904 age 83

10-2 Mary R. Layton (2nd dau. of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) md. John V. Bates about the time he came to Glenmore.

Her descendants are listed in the John V. Bates history.

11-3 Richard Layton (1st son of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) lived in Londonderry, Col., Co. No further record.

12-4 Lavinia Layton (3rd dau. of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) md. John King. They had 1 son and 4 daus

1. Frank

2. Catherine

3. Lydia

4. Mary

5. Elizabeth

1. Frank King md. ------. They had 1 son, George. George died

unmarried in


2. Catherine King md. 1st George Newman - They had 1 son Harvey

and a dau. Ida. md. M. Parnell, Harvey Newman md. Violet Snow.

No issue

3. Lydia King md. John Robinson, they lived in Mill Village.

They had 2 sons and 1

dau. - Jacob, Donald and Maud.

4. Mary King md. Mr. MacKiligan, they lived in Utah. No further


5. Elizabeth King md. William Blades. They had 5 sons and 3


1. Frank

2. Mary Lavinia

3. George

4. Arnold

PAGE 435.

5. Bertha Jean

6. Charles

7. Emma (Mrs, Cheney)

8. Willis

Date on John King supplied by Mrs. Cheney.

13-5 Letitia Layton (4th dau. of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) md. Dr. William Harrison. Dr. Harrison first built a

house where Ira McFetridge house now stands, then built and lived

in what is now the Exhibition main building. Catherine Harrison

(1st dau. of Dr. Harrison and Letitia Layton Harrison) md.

William Henry Gladwin. Her genealogy is listed in the Gladwin


William and Catherine Harrison Gladwin had a dau. Mary who md.

Charles B. Archibald. Mr. And Mrs. Charles B. Archibald’s second

dau. named Letitia Harrison Archibald md. Dr. Morrison, a


14-6 John Layton (2nd son of John and Catherine masters Layton)

died in 1857. No Record.

15-7 Elizabeth Layton ( 5th dau. of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) md. Johnson Kaulbach. Her genealogy is listed in the

Kaulbach history.

16-8 Jonathan Layton (3rd son of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) md. Jessie Burnett on March 8, 1852. The homestead was

divided into three parts. Jonathan inherited the home place and

farmed. He had a blacksmith shop . Jonathan lived in the old

house which was behind the house now occupied by Mr. George

Fulton in 1980. In later years the old house was torn down and

the present one was built by Henry Murphy who sold it to Martin


Jonathon also had a small store. In advanced age, Jonathan and

his wife sold their place and moved to Stewiacke where two of

their family had settled, namely, George and Mary (Mrs. Edward

Howe.) They are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery. Their graves

are unmarked.

PAGE 436.

Jonathan and Jessie had 5 sons and 7 daus.

21-1 John b Jan. 25, 1853

22-2 Jane b Aug. 11, 1854-1876

23-3 Frederick b Apr. 28, 1856

24-4 Henry b Mar. 31, 1858-Apr. 22, 1887

25-5 George b Apr. 9, 1860-

26-6 Catherine b May 31, 1862-

27-7 Florence b Oct. 26, 1864-

28-8 Charles b Feb. 26, 1867-

29-9 Mary b Oct. 8, 1869

30-10 Annie b Apr. 10, 1872-Apr. 10, 1872

31-11 Fannie b Sept. 8, 1873-

32-12 Eliza b Aug. 10, 1877-Jan. 9, 1878

21-1 John - no record

22-2 Jane died young

23-3 Frederick moved away

24-4 Henry - no record

25-5 George lived in Stewiacke

26-6 Catherine (Mrs. George Craig of Truro)

27-7 Florence md. In Truro

28-8 Charles md. Tillie Brown and settled in Sydney Mines.

29-9 Mary (Mrs. Edward Howe of Stewiacke - no issue. Edward Howe

was a grandson of Hon. Joseph Howe.

31-11 Fannie - no record

17-9 Francis Layton (4th son of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) md. Mary MacKenzie. He built the house which was burned

down by fire Sept. 1979. (Sylvan Fraser owns the property,

1980.) He conducted a blacksmith shop for many years, which

stood where the McFetridges’ general store stood for many years.

Pharmacy, 1980. He was a justice of the peace. They had no

children but brought up Mrs. Laytons nieces, Eliza and Louise

Muir and Jessie MacKenzie.

Eliza Muir, one of the nieces, md. 1st Frank Gladwin md. 2nd

Joseph Bruce.

PAGE 437.

Jessie MacKenzie md. Charles Logan.

Frank MacKenzie was also brought up in the same home. Louise

married Arthur Gladwin.

Francis, Jonathan and William planted the lindens and other

trees, still beautifying the Village, 1980. Francis sold his

home to Pineo Flemming. Mrs. Francis Layton died at the home of

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Logan (her niece Jessie MacKenzie).

Francis Layton - Jan. 17, 1815-Feb. 4, 1886

Mary M. Layton - July 7, 1812-July 24, 1894


18-10 Nathaniel Layton (5th son of John and Catherine Masters

Layton) - no record.

19-11 Lydia Ann Masters Layton (6th dau. of John and Catherine

Masters Layton) md. Alexander Clark. She was his second wife.

They lived on the property owned by Ms. Marylin Smith, 1980. The

old house was torn down and the present one was built by Angus

McLeod for his parents, Mr. & Mrs. George McLeod. Mr. Clark was

a tailor. Mrs. Clark died in 1888. Alexander Clark 1796-1886

(Inscription). They are both buried in the Pioneer Cemetery.

Alexander and Lydia had 3 sons and 1 dau.

1. Peter R.

2. Christie

3. Mary
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