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The Pinewood Players Present - старонка 2

A second figure emerges at the doorway. It is Bill Jordan]

BILL: You're damn right about that, John.

JOY: I think I'd better join Fenton in the back yard. [Goes out door]

BILL: [Seeing Joy; with a wink:] How's our lovely waitress?

JOHN: Bill, I've been explaining the situation to our director.

BILL: I heard. Figured I'd better get right over here.

ROBERT: We have to finish the sets tonight. We must be ready for our one and only dress rehearsal tomorrow.

JOHN: I can't keep my crew working until morning. They're due at their offices by 8:30 AM. Sam Carmichael has to do surgery at seven.

BILL: My construction guys are real workers. They'll stick by me as long as I tell 'em.

JOHN: Tell me this: Once you've nailed down your Jerusalem apartment house just where are we going to place the Act II sets?

BILL: In front.

JOHN: We've got about three feet, then you fall into the orchestra pit.

ROBERT: We have to use the space we've planned for Act II.

BILL: Not to worry. We'll build a platform out over the orchestra pit and the first two rows of seats, if we have to.

ROBERT: You've got the lumber for that?

BILL: I have truckloads of extra lumber standing by at Rosy Springs Villas—we just finished that whole development.

ROBERT: [To John] Can we light all that extra stage area in front?

JOHN: Our lighting man hasn't shown up. His wife said he's at his Wednesday Rotarian dinner. But he'll be there tomorrow.

ROBERT: That's real nice of him. And if not then, maybe sometime after we open on Friday. Bill, how can you manage to build a whole new stage and construct these sets in one night?

BILL: No sweat. You should see how fast we build our houses. We won the last regional high-speed construction contest. We were faster than nine other development companies.

ROBERT: I'm beginning to understand how your recent director, Nigel Elliot, had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the season.

BILL: He was a burned out old Englishman. You're young, Robert.

ROBERT: I'm aging rapidly.

JOHN: I'm very uneasy about the construction plans.

BILL: You worry too much. We're on top of this.

ROBERT: Are you on top of things enough to stay and rehearse your scene with the Chief Rabbi?

BILL: I almost forgot I'm acting in this show.

ROBERT: You are Jesus' brother James—that's not chicken liver.

BILL: True.

ROBERT: And Fenton Dillquist is outside foaming at the mouth.

BILL: I should get back to the set.

JOHN: I'll oversee while you're rehearsing. I am the technical director.

BILL: Tell my men I'll be back there soon.

[John exits, taking the piece of lumber and brick with him]

BILL: What's with Dillquist?

ROBERT: He's in a snit because his name was omitted in the publicity piece.

BILL: Is that all?

ROBERT: He's threatened to quit the show. [Looking out door] And I think I hear him coming up the stairs.

BILL: [Fenton appears] Well, hi there buddy. How's old Fenton today?

FENTON: There you are, Mr. William Jordan—our dear President. I want an explanation immediately.

BILL: I heard ...

FENTON: You heard—that someone—you, or that little witch of the North—or maybe your dear editor friend at the newspaper—is trying to cut off my balls.

BILL: No one would do that.

FENTON: They have tried.

BILL: At this point that's impossible.

ROBERT: [To Fenton ] Show them all that you have created a towering figure as the head Rabbi.

FENTON: Chief Rabbi.

ROBERT: Bill's here to rehearse that moment when the disciple James comes to you. Except for the high priests, you are the most powerful Rabbi in the city. It can be a hell of a scene.

FENTON: I meant it when I said I was quitting.

ROBERT: But you'll rehearse it now anyway—?

BILL: To help me out?

FENTON: To help our director. I don't know about you.

ROBERT: O.K. Here's the chair of the head Rab— the Chief Rabbi. And you sit at stage right, remember.

FENTON: I certainly should. We did it yesterday.

ROBERT: All right—Begin.

FENTON: I want to put on my Rabbi's robe. I have it in this bag.

[He takes out the Rabbi's robe and puts it over his street clothes. Fenton sits majestically on the chair, arranging his robe and brushing back his hair.]

FENTON: And my crucifix. [Putting it around his neck; it's on a cord.]


FENTON: I thought it would be a nice touch..

ROBERT: [Robert and Bill exchange glances. Robert gestures as if to say, "Anything now to get the scene going"]

RABBI: I do not like the sounds I hear in the streets. The crowds of worshippers are becoming unruly. The soothsayers have predicted trouble lies ahead. I wish I were out of here—bathing in the Red Sea. But one cannot shirk his duty. Someone approaches— [Stands up—claps his hands] You guards, see who is there. Oh, if I could but shake off this premonition of disaster that sticks like a foul leech to my skin. Who is it?

JAMES: It is a humble friend, great Rabbi.

RABBI: The guards let you in? What is your name?
JAMES: I am James, brother and disciple of the Nazarene.

RABBI: Are you not also a trouble maker, a thorn in the side of the Pharisees, and the Sadducees?
JAMES: No, Rabbi. I have come peacefully with the others from Nazareth to Lashish, to Beth Tolach, by way of Kefar Hashmon, and the Valley of Kish-ba-sholem-Hephzat.

RABBI: I have heard rumors of uprisings in that region.
JAMES: No, Rabbi. All was peaceful along the rivulets of Bar Mizrahi into the pine-blessed hills of Noz—, Noz—

ROBERT: [Interrupting Bill] Noz drahum.
JAMES: Noz drahum and ...

ROBERT: Shittim.
BILL: Shittim? [Aside, to Robert] Do you really want me to say that?

ROBERT: It's an ancient town..
BILL: Couldn't we translate some of these names.

BILL: Guess you're right.

FENTON: May we please get on with the scene.

[Bill nods acquiescence.]

RABBI: What do you want of me?
JAMES: I seek protection for our company of worshippers.

RABBI: Protection. [Tugs on his robe, James is standing on the edge of it] Protection [Tugs harder] I am a religious teacher, not a policeman. [Out of side of his mouth—to Bill] Will you stop standing on my robe.
JAMES: But you have influence on the High Priest and the Sanhedrin.

RABBI: [Majestically sweeps past James] In myself I am nobody. But when the light of faith shines through me, the holders of power do listen to my words.
JAMES: [Kneeling at his feet] You must help us. [Grabs the Rabbi's robe]

RABBI: Ow. [Aside] You pinched me. [Aloud] Take your hands off my person.
JAMES: Please. [Rabbi slaps his hand.]

RABBI: Enough.
JAMES: We are here to purify.

RABBI: I'll purify you— [Takes off Crucifix—and starts hitting James]
ROBERT: Fenton! Fenton. Get hold of yourself.

BILL: What's happened to you?
FENTON: It's all too much. [Sobbing] There's no respect for me. You're trying to make a fool of me.

BILL: No, you're great.
ROBERT: You were doing fine.

FENTON: I need a glass of water.

ROBERT: There's a glass in the bathroom. [Pointing to bedroom]
[Robert and Bill look at each other, perplexed as to their next move. Mrs. Gillespie, a woman in her fifties, knocks on the apartment door. Robert goes over to let her in.]

MRS. GILLESPIE: Robert, I came as fast as I could to do my scene. It's not easy being the costumer and playing a role.

ROBERT: You could let your assistant take over now.

MRS. G: I know, but she just doesn't have enough experience.

ROBERT: We're going to do the tavern scene next.

MRS. G: Good. So I'm right on time. I saw Joy out in the yard going over her lines. You know she must have taken that blouse from the auditorium. I told her not to. I was still working on it. It's too low-cut.

ROBERT: I'll go get her. [Exit through apartment door]

BILL: Hangin' in there, Mrs. G?

MRS. G: William, I declare this show is becoming a three ring circus. [Sound of Fenton sobbing] What's that sound?

BILL: Fenton is a little upset.

MRS. G: [ 2014-07-19 18:44
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