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Aleta: Ok pup, first things first, we need to locate them on the rtg and probe their fire wall - старонка 4

Charlotte: I don't think it will disapoint your curiosity Madeus.

[21:30] "Also, we gonna have a guide?"

[21:30] "It's not like my time in the barrens of seattle have properly prepared me for the rigors of desert travel."

[21:30] "What I'm saying is, I have no idea what kinda drek goes on outside the city."

[21:31] "The furthest I've been out of seattle is the sewer once."

01[21:31] Charlotte: Not at all dog. For those who are going, I'm going to arrange for you to meet Ray. He's a Cahuilla tribe member. I'm going to hire him to be your guide and provide you with an introduction to the Net.

[21:32] "Good, sounds fun then."

[21:32] "And hot..."

[21:32] "And dry."

06[21:32] * `Dog frowns.

01[21:32] Charlotte: Well, you won't have to pack your umbrella.

[21:33] "That's one thing."

06[21:33] * `Dog grins.

01[21:33] Charlotte: Angelo? Are you willing to go? I know I would feel better if you came as fire support.

[21:34] "fire support and gift bearer."

[21:34] ((with a pillow))

[21:34] "A bti of note I haven't mentioned or had use to bring up, I can fly aircraft and pilot walker drones."

06[21:34] * Madeus (and then if somehow we ALL get stuck in the tower and goes WOOSH...we look outside and everythign looks the same. Same day, same time, but everything else is different. SLIDERS)

[21:35] "Incase that becomes... needed."

[21:35] "Im definitly in, this scum bag needs to be taken down"

01[21:35] Charlotte: Thank you, Angelo. I appreciate it.

01[21:36] Charlotte: I think you're all going to be out of your element down there. The good news is so will Zuma.

06[21:36] * `Dog chuckles, "I don't know if we have a company t-bird or something."

01[21:36] Charlotte: The entire area is a domain heavily aspected to the Chauilla magic tradition. That means while the Chauilla are on their home turf, their magic is stronger. By the same token, all other magicians magic is weaker by an equal amount.

01[21:37] Charlotte: That deprives Zuma of some of his best tools. It also gives us some clues as to the type of help he's brining in.

[21:37] "...it doesnt help us. What is the Chauilla tradition like?"

[21:38] "I don't know if I'll be able to handle myself if my magic gets much worse..."

01[21:39] Charlotte: The Chauilla have a deep mythology that describes the orgins of the world, it's early days and dictates all their cerimonial rites as well as their code of right conduct. Much like thier language, it's not like much of anything else.

01[21:39] Charlotte: You have other skills fritz. You're all going to be fish out of water down there. Use what you have left to your best advantage.

06[21:40] * `Dog nods, "Sounds like we'll be working without much magical assistance, but so will he. Meaning his most potent abilties, his magic won't be as active as a roll, he'll have to rely on hired thugs, meatspace. Muscle and guns."

[21:40] "Maybe I could acquire a focus before we depart."

01[21:40] Charlotte: I suspect the second bishop is only one person, but there's no way to be sure yet. Either way, Zuma isn't likely to try to negotiate with the Chauilla, menaing he'll have to sneak in a small team.

01[21:41] Charlotte: I can see what I can do fritz. Do you think you'll be able to bond it in time?

[21:41] "Also, from a merely technical standpoint. There any chauilla linguasofts or can we rely on them being able to speak with us."

[21:41] "What sort of focus were you thinking of? I have a sustaining focus myself."

[21:42] "Just a thought. I hope so..."

[21:42] "Any idea what language they speak? Maybe I can brush up on it"

01[21:42] Charlotte: Unfortunately no dog. Not many Chauilla speakers outside their own territory. That's where Ray comes in. Most Chauilla speak spanish as well as they were dominated by the spaniards for centuries before the whiteman came along and enslaved them.

[21:43] "Well, I speak english and japanese... so... no help there."

01[21:43] Charlotte: The history of abuse by outsiders has made them understandably wary of outsiders today. We need diplomacy with them first and foremost.

[21:43] "Thats why I must be able to communicate with them!"

01[21:43] Charlotte: You have a datajack don't you Dog? Get a spanish linguasoft.

06[21:44] * `Dog nods, "YEah, I'm gonna do that."

01[21:45] Charlotte: I agree fritz. Successfull communication with the Chauilla is the key to this mission. If they aren't on our side, or at least indifferent to our passing, I'm not sure how we can succeed.

[21:45] "What sort of things do you think they could need that we could easily give them to get them on our side?"

[21:46] "THey probably don't need guns or weapons. And that might send the wrong signals."

[21:46] "We have to send a 'we're peaceful' signal."

01[21:46] Charlotte: That's something to ask Ray when you meet him. He'll have a much better feel for that than I will. Whatever it is, I'll arrange for it.

[21:46] "They arn't afraid of orks, are they?"

06[21:46] * `Dog giggles at Fritz.

01[21:47] Charlotte: (chuckling a bit) Fritz, when you see the Chauilla, you might be afraid of them!

01[21:47] Charlotte: Due to thier territory and traditions, their something of a fierce looking lot these days.

[21:47] "Well...I dont want them to think I'm there to gnaw on their bones."

06[21:48] * `Dog nods and says, "Well, it's 2 weeks out, we have to prepare for a sandy adventure that might get us all killed."

01[21:48] Charlotte: For what it's worth Fritz, they might like you better BECAUSE you're an orc.

[21:48] ((no that would be dog...))

[21:48] "I'll need to make some arrangements with my people before I leave, incase I don't come back."

[21:48] "What are we going to do about gear? I am guessing we are not going tere expecting to just be talking"

[21:49] "Good. If they don't spurn the orkish race, then there may be a few who speak Or'Zet."

01[21:49] Charlotte: Quite so Angelo. You'll need desert survival gear, food, water, and you will need to arm yourelves.

[21:50] "Are we dragging Lil Bro around in the iron lung, or has that yet to be decided?"

01[21:50] Charlotte: Zuma isn't going to come unprepared. I have to guess the person or people he's brining in are survival experts and good shooters as that's the one thing that works just fine in Chauilla territory. You will want armor as well.

01[21:50] Charlotte: Put together a shopping list for Roy and he'll get you everything you need.

01[21:51] Charlotte: You may want to hold off until you talk to Ray tomorrow. He might have some suggestions as well.

[21:51] "Of course"

06[21:52] * `Dog nods, "SOunds like a plan."

06[21:52] * @Fritz_DeSoto examines the chessboard for how many white pawns there are.

[21:52] "I sorta wish I had boned up on my combat expertise."

01[21:52] Charlotte: Dog? I think you and Aleta have some work ahead of you before you leave. Go make us some money to finance this trip you two.

[21:52] "...lets hope we can survive bycunning and avoid gunplay..."

[21:52] ((there be active skillsofts for that as well, but you need the ware for it. ))

[21:53] "...make oney doing what?"

06[21:53] * `Dog nods, "Yep, let's hope my brain doesn't get turned into yogurt in the next couple hours."

06[21:53] * `Dog claps his hands together, "Time to go hack a bank."

01[21:53] Aleta: I hope not. I hate yogurt. Even with granola.

[21:54] "I know, it's awful."

06[21:54] * @sliver Aleta and Dog leave through the elevator to head off toward the hive.

01[21:55] Charlotte: Fritz, you mentioned a focus. What type did you have in mind? If i'm going to track one down, I'll need to hurry about it.

06[21:55] * `Dog mutters to Aleta, "Might have to set up a 401k. This bank is supposed to be a crime bank, I have no problem stealing from criminals stupid enough to bank their money."

01[21:55] Fritz_DeSoto: There are five white pawns on the board, three have been taken by the black side. You remember one of them represents lonestar.

06[21:55] * `Dog grins, it's not noticeable if he's kidding or not.

[21:56] "I don't know. Something to make sure I can still manipulate and analyze magically. That's sort of what gets me through."

06[21:56] * Madeus shrugged, "..you do what you have to do..."

01[21:56] Charlotte: Sounds like you want a power focus then Fritz. Those are particularly dificult to bond.

01[21:57] Charlotte: I can try to get one for you. but there's nothing I can do to help you bond it.

[21:59] "I'll do my best. Maybe Maya can offer me some tips.

[21:59] "

06[21:59] * @sliver Maya smiles at Fritz

01[22:00] Charlotte: In that case, I'll be in touch with you all, as soon as I get in touch with Ray.

06[22:01] * `Dog nods at Charlotte and walks with Aleta

01[22:01] And on that note: We will be back next week to start a new chapter in the saga of WEDJAT!!!!

The bank Run:

[22:19] 12,0`Dog got 7 hits.4,014,0 14 dice: 33114516656255

01[22:19] Two hours, almost there.

[22:20] @@Aleta, I will atempt to get us upgraded access, instead of just base user account, I can prob for a security account for +3 or an admin for +6 target, right?))

[22:20] ((Or do I not do that here. I dunno.))

[22:20] 14

[22:20] 12,0`Dog got 4 hits.4,014,0 14 dice: 34126316211645

01[22:21] ((Correct on the numbers. but you'll have to get in with base access, then get the other 3 or 6 while your in the node by hacking your accout privliages up))

[22:21] ((OK, I'm in.))

01[22:21] You now have an enterance into the banks node, with user level access.

[22:21] @@OK, I'm in, user level access))

[22:21] ((Stealth is six by the way))

01[22:22] Aleta: Ok, back out. Leave the connection avaliable, but we need to handle a couple things first.

01[22:22] Aleta: What apps are you loading?

06[22:22] * `Dog does as she asks.

[22:24] "OK, I'm going with attack and stealth, obviously, and exploit, biofeedback filers, edit and browse."

[22:25] "Biofeedback incase we encounter black IC."

01[22:25] Aleta: Ok then, you'll be set to find our paydata and fight the IC, I'll load up for the security hackers.

[22:26] "I could load for that if you feel better equipped for the data, I don't mind some cybercombat, I recently upgraded some of my stuff for it, but I'm not exactly a gladiator or anything so if you feel more able to do it, by all means."

01[22:28] Aleta: I'm going in with Stealth, Blackhammer, biofeedback filter, armor, spoof, and defuse

01[22:28] Aleta: between the two of us we should have what we need without boggind down our links.

06[22:29] * `Dog nods, "Sounds good, lets try to do this by the numbers, our team needs a win, Charlotte looked... downright upset.'

01[22:29] Aleta I have a program frame we can bring in once we have admin access on the node.

01[22:30] We can load it with three more apps if we need to.

01[22:30] Aleta: Medic could be useful, it needs stealth, and we have space for one more.

06[22:31] * `Dog pats Aleta's shoulder, "Don't go getting yourself killed or anything, if I look like I shat the bed and it's going bad, leave me there. I've got encrypt and spoof remaining, well, and armor and blackout."

[22:31] "But I don't think it needs armor or blackout."

01[22:31] Aleta: I think I'll give it attack. We can use it as a weapons platform in a crunch.

01[22:32] Aleta: And if you think I'm going to leave you behind, you're living in some twisted fantasy land.

01[22:32] Aleta: I wouldn't want to have to explain it to everyone.

01[22:33] Ok, lets go in, and hack ourselves up to admin.

06[22:33] * `Dog sniffs, "I don't want you getting hurt on my account, but it's up to you."

01[22:33] Aleta: I'll follow you in.

06[22:33] * `Dog nods.

06[22:33] * `Dog says, "Oh, one other thing, I have boosters, so if I drop into hotsim I'll be extremely... fast."

[22:33] ((1 more init pass and stuff))

06[22:34] * @sliver Narrative: You re-enter the node. You're in, and so far ok. hacking+exploit target 6 to get yourself up to admin.

01[22:34] Extended, one combat turn now that you're in.

06[22:34] * `Dog drops into hotsim!

[22:34] 14

[22:34] 12,0`Dog got 4 hits.4,014,0 14 dice: 15126423633316

[22:34] 14

[22:34] 12,0`Dog got 5 hits.4,014,0 14 dice: 52631632541464

01[22:35] Aleta: Nicely done pup. You're better at this than you look.

[22:35] "I hope so, I look like shit."

06[22:35] * `Dog grins.

01[22:36] Aleta: Heh, not in here. I kind of like your tail. You've got the browse app, find us that account's data file.

06[22:36] * `Dog makes sure all his stuff is loaded properly and proceeds, his icon looks like a werewolf, as he loads up browse he begins to sniff around!

[22:37] ((LOL, in my mind dog is like a werewolf, his attack program is his long claws and teeth, his stealth makes his fur blend in with his surroundings, stuff like that, but it's all sorta dog related.))

01[22:37] ((Ok, computers+broswe, target 3 not extended to find the encrypted file))

01[22:38] ((I figured as much in my imagination as well. It's all thematic))

[22:38] ((Oh, I thought it was data search + browse))

01[22:38] ((You may be right actually....))

[22:39] 12

[22:39] 12,0`Dog got 4 hits.4,014,0 12 dice: 232256454151

01[22:39] ((hold on))

01[22:39] Aleta: Good stuff, my turn. First, we decrypt it.

01[22:39] 12

[22:39] 12,0sliver got 3 hits.4,014,0 12 dice: 265361121333

[22:39] ((I rolled data search + browse, 220 page told me it was that))

01[22:40] ((Yeah, just found it. I've got to keep the rules for all these character classes straight))
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