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20: 06: 16 James Jacobs joins Main - старонка 7


: I have the inside scoop on AP6,  it's an all gnome Epic adventure

21/10/2008 21:11:54 ‹Erik Mona› Boring. Make a new character.

21/10/2008 21:11:59 ‹Daigle› Howdy Yasha!

21/10/2008 21:11:59 ‹Erik Mona› That's my honest first reaction.

21/10/2008 21:12:04 ‹James Jacobs› Joey> Fair enough! That adventure was partially written to give GMs a reason why their world didn't have epic characters until the Epic book came out. Having an artifact that was hidden until that point helped explain it.

21/10/2008 21:12:09 ‹yoda8myhead› since it seems you're only waiting on ISBN numbers, why not give a little bit of info to the loyal chat fans?

21/10/2008 21:12:24 ‹Erik Mona› Nope, we have the ISBNs.

21/10/2008 21:12:24 ‹Guy Humual› well if there were good epic rules some people might pick up an epic campaign

21/10/2008 21:12:24 ‹Lilith› Yasha!

21/10/2008 21:12:26 ‹Yasha› Super full chat...with both James and Erik!

21/10/2008 21:12:39 ‹Butterfrog› Hola Yasha

21/10/2008 21:12:45 ‹yoda8myhead› so you have no excuses, Erik!

21/10/2008 21:12:46 ‹Guy Humual› start out at that level rather then build up

21/10/2008 21:12:58 ‹Lilith› Timitius, It goes.

21/10/2008 21:13:02 ‹Joey Virtue› cause the loyal chat people would go and put it all over the site lol

21/10/2008 21:13:09 ‹James Jacobs› Yoda> Because I spilled the beans a little early with AP4, and then we changed gears there to do something totally different and it caused some weirdness. I'd rather wait until things are Set In Stone before talking out loud.

21/10/2008 21:13:14 ‹Daigle› Erik, I've been in and out tonight....didja ever spill what freelance project you are working on?

21/10/2008 21:13:15 ‹Erik Mona› What do the loyal chat people most want to know?

21/10/2008 21:13:16 ‹Guy Humual› or what would be more likely fur us, go back to an old campaign

21/10/2008 21:13:22 ‹KnightErrantJR› Eh, I still think Epic rules tend to be a different game all together.

21/10/2008 21:13:22 ‹Russ› That is something I don;t like about epic - stories should have an end. Playing the same character forever is boring to me. But I can appreciate there are other styles.

21/10/2008 21:13:27 * houstonderek remembers the original epic rules. they were called arduin. amazingly enough, they bred the first serious wave of powergaming munchkin types...

21/10/2008 21:13:37 ‹Erik Mona› LOL. Arduin.

21/10/2008 21:13:40 ‹Joey Virtue› So it looks like Erik hates Epic game play =(

21/10/2008 21:13:44 ‹James Jacobs› HA! Arduin.

21/10/2008 21:13:45 ‹Erik Mona› RIP, Dave Hargrave.

21/10/2008 21:13:47 ‹James Jacobs› Thunderbunnies.

21/10/2008 21:13:48 * Eyebite joins Main

21/10/2008 21:13:52 ‹Erik Mona› I don't hate it.

21/10/2008 21:13:53 ‹Pygon› Daigle - it addresses a thread whose title he dislikes, and James will be editing it...  that's all we know!

21/10/2008 21:14:02 ‹houstonderek› Erik, i met him once, strange agent...

21/10/2008 21:14:02 ‹Eyebite› whoa.  Big boot

21/10/2008 21:14:03 ‹James Jacobs› In Arduin, you gain 500 XP for stealing Satan's own pitchfork.

21/10/2008 21:14:04 ‹Yasha› Greetings and Salutations Eyebite!

21/10/2008 21:14:05 ‹Daigle› Gotcha

21/10/2008 21:14:10 ‹Guy Humual› well epic campaigns could have ends as well

21/10/2008 21:14:12 ‹Daigle› Thanks


21/10/2008 21:14:28 ‹James Jacobs› I wish I knew what thread this was... I like to feed my wrath with that stuff.

21/10/2008 21:14:29 ‹Pygon› Yasha - Eyebite has leaves!

21/10/2008 21:14:30 ‹Erik Mona› I just think we have plenty of ground to cover in 1-20, and I don't expect to provide robust epic-level support at the moment.

21/10/2008 21:14:31 ‹Guy Humual› just the goals would be a little more world shattering

21/10/2008 21:14:32 ‹Blazej›


, and that he thinks James would _hate_ the title I beleive.

21/10/2008 21:14:40 ‹Pygon› correct Blaze, thanks

21/10/2008 21:15:00 ‹KnightErrantJR› So, will there every be any use for some of the uber doomsday style monsters from, say, the Book of Fiends? 

21/10/2008 21:15:01 ‹Joey Virtue› I just meant as a game its self

21/10/2008 21:15:06 ‹Eyebite› hey Yasha!

21/10/2008 21:15:09 ‹Erik Mona› I can see us getting to it, and I definitely think we'll do a book and maybe an adventure or something, but I think there's a far greater market for something like an "evil characters" book or even a "dragonslaying" book or any number of things.

21/10/2008 21:15:10 ‹James Jacobs› Is the thread title: "A devil Succubus and her pet Swordtooth Titan?"

21/10/2008 21:15:22 ‹Timitius› Must be something to do with dwarves then.

21/10/2008 21:15:24 ‹cappadocius› I'd love a dragonslaying book.

21/10/2008 21:15:32 ‹Erik Mona› The uber-complexity of the SRD rules do not, in my view, lend themselves well to infinite extrapolation.

21/10/2008 21:15:40 ‹Guy Humual› no hurry, I'm not terribly interested in epic play, but if they had some good rules I'd love to try it

21/10/2008 21:15:46 ‹cappadocius› I've tried making a decent dragonslayer in every edition, and it just... I dunno. falls flat.

21/10/2008 21:15:51 ‹James Jacobs› Knight>Yes. You can have 20th or so level adventures that feature battles with CR 25+ foes.

21/10/2008 21:16:02 ‹cappadocius› A D&D dragonslayer is just, well, a high-level PC.

21/10/2008 21:16:08 ‹Erik Mona› I really dislike the D&D Epic Level rules for 3.0. They are boring, needlessly complex, too incremental, and too difficult not to fuck up as a writer or editor. They are basically a huge waste of time.

21/10/2008 21:16:18 ‹Yasha› Pretty much Cappadocius.

21/10/2008 21:16:21 ‹Joey Virtue› yeah its just i love to see how the pros write it up thats why i love the APs

21/10/2008 21:16:38 ‹Yasha› I

21/10/2008 21:16:46 ‹James Jacobs› I'm more accepting of the epic rules... it's the Deity stat block stuff that gets me all angry.

21/10/2008 21:17:00 ‹Guy Humual› well if epic play went as James suggested and you started at a whole new leveling system, that too would probobly have a cap

21/10/2008 21:17:03 ‹Russ› I would rather see the Epic effort go into streaminling the dread zone of 15-20

21/10/2008 21:17:04 ‹Yasha› I'll second that thought Erik.  James, so true. Those made me cringe.

21/10/2008 21:17:06 ‹Erik Mona› Conceptually, I like the idea of Zagig and Iggwilv-level characters romping it up on the planes or something, but I don't really want to stat up a D&D character to 40th level. At a certain point you have so many feats that it becomes nearly impossible to remember everything.

21/10/2008 21:17:07 ‹Joey Virtue› deity stats are fucking stupid

21/10/2008 21:17:14 ‹KnightErrantJR› I noticed that a lot of originally Epic style feats ended up being rewritten as "standard" feats by the end of 3.5 in one way or another.

21/10/2008 21:17:19 ‹Erik Mona› Exactly. What Russ said.

21/10/2008 21:17:22 ‹houstonderek› James, you mean the "Dieties and Demigods" as monster manual phenomenon?

21/10/2008 21:17:39 * Russ is totally sold on buff slots, providing the name is changed

21/10/2008 21:17:41 ‹Joey Virtue› im looking to up to 25 nothing more

21/10/2008 21:17:48 ‹Erik Mona› More effort to date has been put into running 20+ level games than 15-20. Coincidentally, this is where the rules sort of start to break down a bit.

21/10/2008 21:17:53 ‹Joey Virtue› 40 would be retarded

21/10/2008 21:17:53 ‹yoda8myhead› Erik Mona, loyal chatters want to know upcoming products...secret stuffs before others who don't dedicate their Tuesday nights to Paizo

21/10/2008 21:17:55 ‹James Jacobs› Agreed; addressing the levels 15-20 stuff is more important.

21/10/2008 21:18:01 ‹Guy Humual› no arguments from me

21/10/2008 21:18:08 ‹Erik Mona› We're fixing that, to some degree, with the Pathfinder RPG. But I think a book on how, conceptually, to run a game of this level would be very helpful.

21/10/2008 21:18:15 ‹Guy Humual› I just thought it sounded like a neat idea

21/10/2008 21:18:18 ‹cappadocius› Absolutely!

21/10/2008 21:18:22 ‹Yasha› Definitely.

21/10/2008 21:18:24 ‹Absinth› Or wednesday early mornings, Yoda...

21/10/2008 21:18:24 ‹Russ› I would be interested in such a book.

21/10/2008 21:18:27 ‹cappadocius› I'd buy that for 29.99 plus S&H

21/10/2008 21:18:33 ‹Joey Virtue› yeah im digging through all the old dungeons for stuff to run after the Ap that wasnt a part of the old AP

21/10/2008 21:18:34 ‹James Jacobs› Houston> Yeah; in 1st edition, it was okay. The stat blocks there were not huge, and you generally got a lot more flavor than stats. The 3rd edition Deities & Demigods was nothing more than page after page of the same garbage.

21/10/2008 21:18:37 ‹KnightErrantJR› Yeah, that would be interesting.

21/10/2008 21:18:45 * Russ grants permssion to use the term "the dread zone"

21/10/2008 21:19:02 ‹houstonderek› well, d20 really doesn't scale well after a certain point. the old mayfair DC heroes rules would probably handle epic better than any incarnation of d20...

21/10/2008 21:19:11 ‹cappadocius› I miss the old 9th-10th level "Stronghold" game back in the olden days when you started pouring money in your castle or your wizard's tower or your church or your thieves' guild.

21/10/2008 21:19:15 ‹Russ› Amber is good for Epic too.

21/10/2008 21:19:22 ‹Erik Mona› "Ok, at about this level your PC should have a lair. Here's how to do that. GMs, about this time your PCs are more powerful than almost anyone in a given town. Here's how to develop the campaign in an interesting way to take advantage of this situaton.' That's the sort of thing I'd like to see more of in the game in general, and I think jumping right to epic levels, where the system is under the

21/10/2008 21:19:27 ‹Erik Mona› most strain, if far too hasty.

21/10/2008 21:19:28 ‹Absinth› Is a BOVD-styled book a possibility for the future?

21/10/2008 21:19:41 ‹Joey Virtue› yeah i like how you guys have done deities way more

21/10/2008 21:19:43 ‹KnightErrantJR› In fact, if more of the Beta "arms race" were taking place at the high end of the scale, I'd feel a little better than the race to make 1st level superfluous.

21/10/2008 21:19:43 ‹James Jacobs› Absinth> I'd say it is indeed a pretty strong possibility.

21/10/2008 21:19:58 ‹Absinth› Yes!!!

21/10/2008 21:20:05 ‹houstonderek› Russ, yeah, amber is good.

21/10/2008 21:20:08 ‹Lilith› James Jacobs,

21/10/2008 21:20:10 ‹Absinth› Woohoo!

21/10/2008 21:20:12 ‹KnightErrantJR› I'd rather nothing other than demigods ever got stats, deifically speaking.

21/10/2008 21:20:30 ‹KnightErrantJR› Paizo has done right by that score.

21/10/2008 21:20:41 ‹Joey Virtue› i agree Knight Demigods and maybe avatars

21/10/2008 21:20:45 ‹Joey Virtue› or aspects

21/10/2008 21:20:52 ‹Absinth› Please pull all the brakes out for this one, James!

21/10/2008 21:21:03 ‹James Jacobs› Our answer to "avatars and aspects" are the harbingers.

21/10/2008 21:21:03 ‹cappadocius› Erik Mona, that book you described is the book I've been wanting since my friends in high school introduced me to D&D.

21/10/2008 21:21:07 ‹Yasha› Yes!

21/10/2008 21:21:08 ‹houstonderek› cappadocious, i had some very interesting games with characters having to manage their holdings in 1e. wars, politics, intrigue...good times...

21/10/2008 21:21:31 ‹Daigle› 2014-07-19 18:44
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