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eats some evil

18/11/2008 22:09:28 ‹Wes Schneider› Gross, I would not enjoy instant human. That sounds like the worst ramen flavor ever.

18/11/2008 22:09:35 ‹Absinth› I'm an instant human too, but I'm running on coffee...

18/11/2008 22:09:40 ‹Drawingfrog› DrawingLilith, nomnomno!!!

18/11/2008 22:09:41 ‹KnightErrantJR› So, James, not to distract you from your . . . um . . . order . . . how does the "skip a level" paradigm seem to be going over, overall, from Second Darkness?

18/11/2008 22:09:52 ‹Russ› Skippy natural, it turns out, is not made from just peanuts and salt.

18/11/2008 22:09:59 ‹DrawingLilith› Absinth, yeah, the hubby's the same way.

18/11/2008 22:10:01 ‹Wyvern› Skip a level?

18/11/2008 22:10:04 ‹houstonderek› DrawingLilith, we make a peanut butter gelato that is absolutely sublime...

18/11/2008 22:10:05 ‹Wyvern› I am piqued.

18/11/2008 22:10:06 ‹Pygon› (I still prefer continuous content, btw!)

18/11/2008 22:10:18 ‹James Jacobs› Knight> I think that the "Skip a Level" thing looks to have ended up on the side of "don't do it again."

18/11/2008 22:10:21 ‹DrawingLilith› houstonderek, ooh!

18/11/2008 22:10:41 ‹Wyvern› What concept is that?

18/11/2008 22:10:45 ‹houstonderek› James, "skip a level"?

18/11/2008 22:10:46 ‹Pygon› optional sidetreks are fine if the levels are lagging

18/11/2008 22:10:52 ‹James Jacobs› It was sort of a last-minute experiment, when we got to "Children of the Void" and I realized that there really weren't that many encoutners in it, but the next adventure had already been written.

18/11/2008 22:10:58 ‹Russ› Added sugar and palm oil: http://www.mouseprint.org/?p=499

18/11/2008 22:11:00 ‹Pygon› between PF 2 and 3 is a level lag.

18/11/2008 22:11:05 ‹Pygon› er sorry

18/11/2008 22:11:06 ‹Charles Evans (reprise)› Much calrification has occured this eevning, thank-you to the paizo staff.

18/11/2008 22:11:07 ‹Pygon› SD 2 and 3

18/11/2008 22:11:08 * Samwise quit (timeout)

18/11/2008 22:11:20 ‹James Jacobs› SO! Pathfinder 14 ends with enough XP to send PCs to 6th level, but Pathfinder 15 wants 8th level characters to start. Or something like that.

18/11/2008 22:11:21 ‹Russ› I have to admit I am the side of don't skip

18/11/2008 22:11:27 ‹Charles Evans (reprise)› Alas, I am up relatively early this afternoon, so must make sure that my notes are saved and depart.

18/11/2008 22:11:27 ‹houstonderek› DrawingLilith, I have to figure out a way to bring some gelato to PaizoCon if my PO lets me fly to seattle...

18/11/2008 22:11:28 ‹Wyvern› Ah! I actually want that

18/11/2008 22:11:35 ‹James Jacobs› Therefore... between the two is an "empty" level, that Gms can use to send PCs on side quests and stuff.

18/11/2008 22:11:44 ‹James Jacobs› But the argument against it is very compelling.

18/11/2008 22:12:01 ‹David› DrawingLilith, you caption says [Peanut Butter Pie] Really, does anything need to be added? A fork would be nice, but unnessesary

18/11/2008 22:12:09 ‹Ross› James Jacobs, well, you guys are putting the side quests in the books. They'd fill it.

18/11/2008 22:12:11 ‹KnightErrantJR› Interesting, just wondering how it was going.  I'm still waiting to see if the PF XP chart lines up "exactly" the way the expected levels do anyway.

18/11/2008 22:12:12 * James Jacobs wants more crumpets... but must ration them.

18/11/2008 22:12:13 ‹Pygon› If I purchase material I'd hope for it to keep the gaps filled.  Again, I'm open to sidetreks to help pad.

18/11/2008 22:12:16 ‹DrawingLilith› David, depending on how well set it is...you don't need a fork.

18/11/2008 22:12:17 * Daigle checks back in.

18/11/2008 22:12:23 ‹Charles Evans (reprise)› Goodnight all.

18/11/2008 22:12:26 * DrawingLilith gives Daigle pie.

18/11/2008 22:12:28 ‹houstonderek› I love doing side treks though!

18/11/2008 22:12:31 ‹James Jacobs› Ross> Not in this case. A set piece isn't long enough to fill an entire level, really.

18/11/2008 22:12:35 ‹Daigle› Yay! Pie!

18/11/2008 22:12:35 ‹David› Charles Evans (reprise), night

18/11/2008 22:12:41 ‹Russ› Mmm. Mi-go make me think of a Classic Monsters of Fiction book.

18/11/2008 22:12:44 ‹Absinth› It didn't bother me. But it would've been cool to see suggestions to "fill up" thjat level in a way that benefits SD.

18/11/2008 22:12:44 ‹Ross› James Jacobs, no, but 4 of them might be.

18/11/2008 22:12:46 ‹James Jacobs› Seeya, Charles!

18/11/2008 22:12:47 * DC quit (timeout)

18/11/2008 22:12:47 ‹DrawingLilith› Good night Charles!

18/11/2008 22:12:51 * Charles Evans (reprise) collects his and wanders off to bed....

18/11/2008 22:12:58 ‹Daigle› Bye Charles

18/11/2008 22:12:58 * Charles Evans (reprise) quit

18/11/2008 22:13:06 ‹Ross› Or would a group that skips all the set pieces be even further behind?

18/11/2008 22:13:07 ‹Pygon› bye Charles.yeah.

18/11/2008 22:13:08 ‹Blazej› Bye Charles.

18/11/2008 22:13:10 ‹houstonderek› Daigle, howdy, partner

18/11/2008 22:13:17 ‹Daigle› Hey derek

18/11/2008 22:13:17 ‹James Jacobs› Ross> True... but at the time we pulled the stunt, there were only 2 available.

18/11/2008 22:13:34 ‹James Jacobs› The set pieces are not factored into XP. If you skip them, you won't fall behind.

18/11/2008 22:13:38 ‹Daigle› The only problem with leveling in my Sunday game is that the PCs keep dying.

18/11/2008 22:13:51 ‹KnightErrantJR› Heh, that does present a problem.

18/11/2008 22:13:55 ‹DrawingLilith› Daigle, death is a level gaining deterrent...

18/11/2008 22:14:02 * Samwise joins Main

18/11/2008 22:14:10 ‹houstonderek› Daigle, we made it to fourth level (somehow) in Kirth's game Sunday...

18/11/2008 22:14:12 ‹KnightErrantJR› It even makes it hard to pursue your hobbies . . .

18/11/2008 22:14:32 ‹David› DrawingLilith, remind me not to anger your cat

18/11/2008 22:14:39 ‹James Jacobs› Depends on teh hobby. Worming becomes easier, for example.

18/11/2008 22:14:50 ‹Daigle›

18/11/2008 22:14:54 ‹DrawingLilith› David, I can has full auto?

18/11/2008 22:15:17 ‹David› not for the cat

18/11/2008 22:15:19 ‹houstonderek› If you use a sealed coffin, anarobic microbe collecting bacomes easier as well

18/11/2008 22:16:19 ‹Russ› I'm pretty excited about the paths moving to 2 levels per arc, though 2.5 might be best

18/11/2008 22:16:45 ‹Russ› I'm also excited about a path that starts at 5th or 6th level - but I have a feeling sales will be hurt on such a path

18/11/2008 22:16:48 * ollibolli joins Main

18/11/2008 22:17:00 * Ross quit (timeout)

18/11/2008 22:17:09 ‹ollibolli› good morning from germany

18/11/2008 22:17:10 ‹James Jacobs› OMG that article about scavanging ceratopsians is FASCINATING.

18/11/2008 22:17:27 ‹Absinth› Damn, I had many, many questions yesterday evening and now they're all lost. Stupid head. Stupid oversleeping...

18/11/2008 22:17:27 ‹Drawingfrog› ollibolli, hola!

18/11/2008 22:17:35 ‹James Jacobs› Russ> Although it looks like Erik Mona's adventure might just go from 1st to maybe 5th or 6th...

18/11/2008 22:17:36 ‹Absinth› Hello ollibolli

18/11/2008 22:17:36 ‹Daigle› Howdy Olli

18/11/2008 22:17:36 ‹seekerofshadowlight› hey olli

18/11/2008 22:17:38 ‹KnightErrantJR› Personally, part of what I like about Pathfinder is that I've grown lazy as a GM, but I set the bar pretty hard when I did do all the extra work on the campaign, and Paizo makes it look like I'm still working just as hard on my campaigns as a GM . . .

18/11/2008 22:17:40 ‹Pygon› Absinth - hate that.

18/11/2008 22:17:49 ‹KnightErrantJR› (I'm only slightly kidding)

18/11/2008 22:18:30 ‹Russ› Drool. I want that adventure

18/11/2008 22:18:40 ‹Samwise› scavenging ceratopsians?

18/11/2008 22:18:51 ‹Samwise› for hood ornaments?

18/11/2008 22:18:53 ‹Russ› Crimon Throne is certainly better than what I alone could put together - and easy to add life to

18/11/2008 22:18:55 ‹houstonderek› KnightErrantJR, i like the APs because i'm a tinkerer, and it is a lot less work to tinker with something that's already full of awesome...

18/11/2008 22:19:04 ‹James Jacobs› Yup. There's a theory that ceratopsians like triceratops weren't herbavors but flesh-eating scavangers.

18/11/2008 22:19:18 ‹Pygon› interesting

18/11/2008 22:19:28 ‹KnightErrantJR› Oh, I never leave something 100% alone, its not in my nature.

18/11/2008 22:19:45 ‹KnightErrantJR› I added a whole Hellknight subplot to ROTRL.

18/11/2008 22:19:45 ‹Pygon› James - so, Erik's got a few too many critters to fight?

18/11/2008 22:19:55 ‹Russ› Hmm. It should show in the teeth, right?

18/11/2008 22:19:57 ‹Absinth› In the AP line-outs you assembled, is there one that might take place in Ustalav?

18/11/2008 22:20:14 ‹Samwise› hmmmmm

18/11/2008 22:20:17 ‹Daigle› derek, I'm with you there.

18/11/2008 22:20:32 ‹Samwise› so theyd fight t-rex for food, not to avoid being food

18/11/2008 22:20:38 ‹Samwise› wait . . .

18/11/2008 22:20:41 * Samwise glares

18/11/2008 22:20:45 ‹James Jacobs› Pygon> More like he's an overwriter, and the low levels go by fast, and Erik's a fan of putting tough monsters in adventures.

18/11/2008 22:20:47 ‹Daigle› These APs are the first published adventures I've run, and I really love the time that they save me.

18/11/2008 22:20:50 ‹Russ› No, they'd be food I imagine

18/11/2008 22:20:56 ‹Samwise› that means YOU will probably take that as a reason to put them in an adventure

18/11/2008 22:21:09 * Russ hadn't noticed *acid spewing beetles at level 1*

18/11/2008 22:21:12 ‹James Jacobs› I'm not sure yet what "Howl of the Carion King's" acid-beetle swarm is gonna be yet. But I have a few guesses...

18/11/2008 22:21:12 ‹Samwise› everyone: watch out for carnivorous triceratops!

18/11/2008 22:21:40 ‹Pygon› "You're only is danger if you die." "I laid him right here!  Oh, there's a trike."

18/11/2008 22:21:45 ‹Pygon› *in

18/11/2008 22:21:53 ‹James Jacobs› Russ> Yup; shows in the teeth and the way the skull is built, and the fact that the beak-like shape of their jaws and narrow head is similar to carrion eating bird skull structure.

18/11/2008 22:21:57 ‹Absinth› I already spotted one at the busstop across the street...

18/11/2008 22:22:08 ‹Daigle› Oh derek, I'm sorry that I haven't been paying attention to the OwlCon thread, but do you need people to run scenarios?

18/11/2008 22:22:19 ‹Russ› That makes sense - rip out those juicy entrails

18/11/2008 22:22:26 ‹Russ› and eyeballs

18/11/2008 22:22:43 ‹Absinth› James, where did you read about it? In NG?

18/11/2008 22:22:56 ‹Samwise› russ>stop giving him ideas for flavor text! players will never survive it!

18/11/2008 22:23:04 ‹houstonderek› Daigle, I probably do, I don't know how many people are going to show up, but I only have two DMs right now, me and another guy, for four to six slots...

18/11/2008 22:23:06 ‹Ross› James Jacobs, didn't Whispering Cairn have acid beetles at level 1?

18/11/2008 22:23:29 ‹James Jacobs› Ross> Yup. It did.

18/11/2008 22:23:40 ‹Absinth› It had certain death at lvl 1...

18/11/2008 22:23:43 ‹James Jacobs› http://www.flickr.com/photos/m...038700/

18/11/2008 22:24:00 ‹Daigle› Right on, I'll keep in touch.

18/11/2008 22:24:04 ‹houstonderek› Daigle, it'll be a new experience for me, running something "as written"...

18/11/2008 22:24:30 ‹Absinth› Wow, cool illustration...

18/11/2008 22:24:31 ‹Ross› Those beetles asbolutely murderized my party until I reminded them that flasks of oil woild work.

18/11/2008 22:24:32 ‹Wes Schneider› Alas poor Abelard.

18/11/2008 22:24:33 ‹houstonderek› Daigle, my e-mail is in the "gamer in houston" thread if you don't already have it

18/11/2008 22:24:40 ‹James Jacobs› Thing about Whispering Cairn was that, even thought the acid beetles appeared early in the adventure... the adventure wasn't linear. The acid beetles coudl have showed up near the end of play depending on what order you tackle the dungeon.

18/11/2008 22:25:02 ‹Wes Schneider› Or was just a spider swarm...

18/11/2008 22:25:10 ‹James Jacobs› But still... the beetles were tough. They're in there to warn the PCs, basically, that not every fight is one that you should tackle by standing toe-to-toe with a sword.

18/11/2008 22:25:22 ‹James Jacobs› It was the beetles, Wes.

18/11/2008 22:25:25 ‹KnightErrantJR› I ran that one for my kids . . . my daughter got swarmed and my son set her on fire . . . oddly enough, it was only the first time her character was set on fire by the party.

18/11/2008 22:25:28 ‹James Jacobs› I remember. it was traumatic.

18/11/2008 22:25:47 ‹Pygon› first time?

18/11/2008 22:25:56 ‹Wes Schneider› *sniff*

18/11/2008 22:26:00 ‹Russ› I'm nearly done with Age of Worms. It's been a hell of a rid. I refit it to include the entire rod of 7 parts.

18/11/2008 22:26:05 ‹Absinth› It's a great adventure and I don't mind that it's so deadly right at the start.

18/11/2008 22:26:06 ‹Wes Schneider› At least he faired better as an iconic...

18/11/2008 22:26:10 ‹Russ› And I just finished Red Hand of Doom, Sadly, the final session was a train wreck.

18/11/2008 22:26:19 ‹Pygon›

18/11/2008 22:26:25 ‹Pygon› the PCs didn't do well?

18/11/2008 22:26:34 ‹Russ› Essentially, the only reason two characters lived was that I lifted my foot of their neck in the final battle, and two more hits were enough to down the queen bitch

18/11/2008 22:26:36 ‹Daigle› derek, check your PM

18/11/2008 22:26:38 ‹Ross› James Jacobs, the first enounter with the wolves taught them not to just charge in and assume victory.

18/11/2008 22:26:38 ‹James Jacobs› The second time I ran a D&D game, my sister picked mercilessly on my Dad's halfling, calling him a shorty, until the halfling played by my dad "accidentally" pushed my sister into a well. A well that had yellow mold at the bottom. Good times.

18/11/2008 22:26:54 ‹KnightErrantJR› Well, there was the time that she was playing a Barabel in Star Wars and I was playing a Faleen, and I decided the proper way to commerate her death was to set her on fire and devour her corpse . . .

18/11/2008 22:27:06 ‹Russ› 2014-07-19 18:44
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