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The First Young Investigator Conference

The First Young Investigator Conference

(EITC-YIC 2011)

Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Thursday – Friday, August 18 – 19, 2011

Restaurant List (draft as of 3/24/11)

All addresses in Cambridge unless otherwise noted. MD = Maxwell Dworkin, the building in which the conference is being held. Dollar signs roughly indicate the price of an entree, as follows.

$: <= $10
$$: $10-$20
$$$: $20-$30
$$$$: > $30

  1. Cafes and Lunch Spots

Some of these places are also good for dinner, but they all share the properties of being near Harvard and relatively quick to get in and out of (if one chooses). Walking times are approximate from MD.

Price Range



Phone Number


<= 5 minutes walking


inside the LISE building (11 Oxford St.)

Harvard cafe that's a very short walk from MD, offering Peet's coffee and some quick breakfast and lunch options. Open 9am-5pm.

Greenhouse Cafe

inside the Science Center (1 Oxford St.)

(617) 496-4790

Similar to the above, except they brew Starbucks coffee. Open 7am-3pm.

5-10 minutes walking


Cambridge Common

1667 Mass Ave.

(617) 547-1228

Restaurant/bar with a standard offering of burgers, sandwiches and pub food, plus a sizeable and frequently changing beer list. Also good for dinner.


Oxford Spa Cafe

102 Oxford St.

(617) 661-6988

Nearby sandwich spot with a cute interior.


1662 Mass Ave.

(617) 491-0442

10-15 minutes walking

Crema Cafe

27 Brattle St.

(617) 876-2700

Cafe with ample seating and an enjoyable ambience; has a small selection of breakfast and lunch options.

Peet's Coffee

100 Mt. Auburn St.

(617) 492-1844

Simon's Coffee House

1736 Mass Ave.

(617) 497-7766

Good cafe that's small but not usually crowded. The Mexican hot chocolate is a treat.


Hi-Rise Bread Company

56 Brattle St.

(617) 492-3003

Great place for coffee, breads and (slightly pricey) sandwiches with an outdoor patio.


Darwin's Ltd.

148 Mount Auburn St. or 1629 Cambridge St.

(617) 354-5233 (617) 491-2999

Popular sandwich place with both lunch and breakfast options, though many more for lunch; the Cambridge St. location is slightly closer to MD. Also has great coffee.


Tamarind Bay

75 Winthrop St.

(617) 491-4552

Indian restaurant with a popular lunch buffet. Also good for dinner ($$).


Veggie Planet

47 Palmer St.

(617) 661-1513

Several eclectic vegetarian entrees served over your choice of rice or pizza dough.


Cambridge 1

27 Church St.

(617) 576-1111

Delicious ``gourmet'' pizza; also good for dinner.



57 JFK St.

(617) 499-0930

Japanese noodle bar with a selection of other dishes as well. Also good for dinner.



36 Dunster St.

(617) 864-4100

Vietnamese restaurant with decent Pho. Also good for dinner.


Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage

1246 Mass Ave.

(617) 354-6559

Some of the best hamburgers to be found around Boston. No-frills atmosphere, and endless combinations of toppings -- many cheekily named after American political figures and current events.


Seoul Food

1759 Mass Ave.

(617) 864-6299

Korean food. Also good for dinner (but they don't have a liquor license).


Tamarind House

1790 Mass Ave.

(617) 491-9940

Thai restaurant (not to be confused with the similarly-named Indian restaurant) with good food in a casual atmosphere. Also good for an inexpensive dinner.

L.A. Burdick Chocolate Cafe

52D Brattle St.

(617) 491-4340

Very popular coffee and dessert shop (don't expect to find a seat). The hot chocolate is amazing, but quite rich -- get a small!

15-20 minutes walking


Blue Fin

1815 Mass Ave.

(617) 497-8022

Sushi/Japanese restaurant. Also good for dinner ($$-$$$).

  1. Dinner

    1. Near Harvard

Walking times are approximate from MD.

Price Range



Phone Number


<= 10 minutes walking


Chez Henri

1 Shepard St

(617) 354-8980

Upscale French/Cuban cuisine. Sit at the bar and get the Cuban sandwich for a cheaper option.


RF O'Sullivans \& Son

282 Beacon St., Somerville

(617) 491-9638

Burgers that are a worthy rival to Mr. Bartley's; they only serve 1/2-pound patties -- come hungry.

10-20 minutes walking


Border Cafe

32 Church St.

(617) 864-6100

Tex-Mex and Cajun food in a lively (sometimes noisy) atmosphere. Not always completely authentic, but still a popular spot. Good for a big group, though it's sometimes crowded; also open for lunch.



40 Brattle St.

(617) 876-0999

Hip Mediterranean restaurant with decor themed after the movie. Also offers tapas, and serves a three-course, $35 prix-fixe menu (Sun-Wed only).


Grendel's Den

89 Winthrop St.

(617) 491-1050

Cozy bar/restaurant with a standard selection of American food. All food is half price 5-7:30pm every day and 9-11:30pm Sun-Thu, but only if you eat inside. Also open for lunch.



44 Brattle St.

(617) 868-2255

Thoughtfully prepared ``contemporary New England'' cuisine.


John Harvard's Brewhouse

33 Dunster St.

(617) 868-3585

Lively brewpub serving standard American and (slightly dressed up) pub food; the in-house-brewed beer is a big draw.


Legal Sea Foods

20 University Rd.

(617) 491-9400

A Boston institution with at least a dozen locations around town. ``If it isn't fresh, it isn't Legal.''



415 Washington St., Somerville

(617) 661-3254

Basque restaurant (read: tapas) with a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

20-30 minutes walking


Elephant Walk

2067 Mass Ave.

(617) 492-6900

Cambodian restaurant that also offers sampling/prix-fixe menus.

    1. Elsewhere around Cambridge

Price Range



Phone Number



Baraka Cafe

80 Pearl St.

(617) 868-3951

Tiny north African restaurant tucked into a residential side street just outside of Central Square.


Cantina La Mexicana

247 Washington St., Somerville

(617) 776-5232

For those visiting from the west coast, this may be your best chance of finding satisfying Mexican food.


Central Kitchen

567 Mass Ave.

(617) 491-5599

Pricey but worthwhile new American cuisine in an intimate atmosphere.


East Coast Grill and Raw Bar

1269 Cambridge St.

(617) 491-6568

Seafood and southern-style BBQ.


The Friendly Toast

1 Kendall Square

(617) 621-1200

If you're craving breakfast at 10pm, this is your spot. Stays open until at least midnight Tue-Sun.


The Helmand

143 First St.

(617) 492-4646

Excellent Afghan restaurant near MIT. Eating here and not trying the pumpkin would be criminal (though it is quite sweet). Reservations recommended.


Mary Chung

460 Mass Ave.

(617) 864-1991

One of the better Chinese places around Central Square.



134 Hampshire St.

(617) 661-0505

Turkish restaurant with a small selection of entrees and a large selection of appetizers (meze).

    1. Outside of Cambridge

Price Range



Phone Number


Nearest T stop


Addis Red Sea

544 Tremont St., Boston

(617) 426-8727

Tasty Ethiopian food in the hip South End neighborhood

Back Bay (orange line)



355 Hanover St., Boston

(617) 523-9026

One of many good Italian restaurants in the North End.

Haymarket (orange line)


Lala Rokh

97 Mt. Vernon St., Boston

(617) 720-5511

``Home-style'' Persian cuisine in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Charles/MGH (red line)


O Ya

9 East St., Boston

(617) 654-9900

Husband-and-wife-run Japanese restaurant which should satisfy even the most hard-core foodie. Named ``\#1 restaurant in America'' by the NY Times when it opened in 2008. Expect to spend a lot. Reservations recommended.

South Station (red line)


Red Bones

55 Chester St., Somerville

(617) 628-2200

Authentic southern-style BBQ and ``soul food'' served alongside a worthy beer list. Can get very crowded.

Davis Square (red line)



335 Harvard St., Brookline

(617) 975-0075

Popular Jewish-style delicatessen serving all the favorites and breakfast all day.

Coolidge Corner (C green line)

  1. Dessert



Phone Number



899 Main St.

(617) 491-5877

Two excellent ice cream shops. Toscanini's proudly notes that it was named ``best ice cream in the world'' by the NY Times, but reasonable people can differ on which they prefer.


1255 Cambridge St.

(617) 492-7021


30 Dunster St.

(617) 441-9797

Fancy ``desserterie'' with two other locations around Boston.

Mike's Pastry

300 Hanover St., Boston

(617) 742-3050

By far, the two most popular places to get cannoli in the North End. Take the T to Haymarket (on the orange line).

Modern Pastry

257 Hanover St., Boston

(617) 523-3783

L.A. Burdick Chocolate Cafe

52D Brattle St.

(617) 491-4340

(repeat from Cafes)

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