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Dear Parents,

This is my first week as Principal of Floraville PS and obviously my first Brief. My name is David Robson and I am delighted to have been appointed to FPS. I have been the Principal of three other schools over the last 15½ years and I look forward to working with the entire school community to enhance the learning opportunities and outcome of our students.

I have been very impressed by the school so far and have been warmly welcomed by the students, staff and community members.

My initial priorities will be to familiarise myself with the school and its operations before embarking on a review of our procedures and looking at the forward planning of the school for 2013 and beyond.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the School Council and P&C meetings and enjoyed meeting some more of our parents and carers. These bodies provide great support to our school and I would encourage any interested people to come along, you would be very welcome.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of our students and many of our community members over the coming weeks. If you see me around the school please take a moment to come up and say “Hello,” I promise to try and remember names, even though my head is swimming with names and faces at the moment.

Thank you.

David Robson




This Friday we are very lucky to have a Squirrel helicopter from the HMAS Albatross land on our school flat. The helicopter will be here for about an hour and all of our students will have the opportunity to witness this exciting event. The visit has been arranged via one of our students Nathan Pitts and we are grateful to Nathan’s extended family for this wonderful opportunity.

The availability of the helicopter is a great way to kickstart our Big Idea concept for this term – The Physical World. At various stages across the school the students will be engaging in learning about movement, forces, machines and energy.

We will be working under Navy instructions with safety measures in place and risk assessments will be strictly adhered to.


A vacancy on the School Council exists for a parent representative. If you are interested in nominating yourself or another parent for this position please see the office for a Nomination Slip. This must be returned to the office by Friday 2nd November 2012.

In line with our School Council constitution a person nominating must do so in writing and have 2 parents : one to PROPOSE and one to SECOND their nomination.

School Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm.


We are currently keen to make some significant improvements to three of our playground areas to provide more engaging activities for our students.

Firstly, our P&C are looking to subsidise playground equipment for the primary students. We are presently seeking quotes from companies who provide such equipment. If any of our parents or community members have contacts that maybe willing to help with this substantial project we would love to hear from you.

Similarly, we wish to make the slope as well as the bottom playground more appealing and interactive. This is likely to involve a working bee. A draft plan has been formulated and soon we will be calling for donations of materials/time. If you deal in materials which you think may be suitable for playground projects or have any great ideas we would love to hear from you.


Currently the toilets near the canteen are undergoing an upgrade. It is anticipated these toilets will be out of order for the next three to four weeks. The end result will surely be worth the wait!


Last term the Chalhoub family (Ciara KF) made a wonderful donation of six mosaicking sets including tile cutting equipment to the school. Previously Mr Chalhoub has kindly donated tiles to the school to assist with projects. Thank you!


Please refrain from feeding the kookaburra under the COLA. Unfortunately he can become not so friendly at eating times and starts to expect being fed by the children. Often swooping and taking food from their hands.


Term 4 Sporting Options

There are no selections or representative teams required for Term 4 sport which begins in Week 2. Term 4 sporting options include a range of sports that incur a cost, these are held either at school or off premises. Alternatively, there are also a variety of sports to be held at school and at Marks Oval that are free of charge. Students selected their sporting preferences last term and were given their permission notes if they were successful in getting a place in an elective sport. These sports have limited spaces and Year 6 students are given first priority, followed by Year 5 and so on. Students that knew they were going to be away on this day were able to give their choices in writing prior to leaving. Thank you to the students who did this!

Please note that in order to secure your child’s place in an elective sport, the payment needs to be paid to our office

by Wednesday 17




If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss payment options.

Please let me know if your child will not be participating in their elective sport

as soon as possible. This allows me to offer this spot to another student who is on the waiting list and I can inform the office to delete this amount owing for your child.

Macquarie Cup Netball

The last netball game was played on Friday of Week 10 last term. Our Senior A and Junior B teams were in the grand finals. Both teams played extremely well but didn’t come away with the win on the day. Congratulations on making the GRAND FINAL!

Carly Hibberd Sports Co-ordinator


What an exciting and happy day we all had when we headed off to Newcastle Museum and The Foreshore for the Kindergarten excursion. Our magical city was at its best when we arrived at Nobby’s Beach. Listening to the chatter as we sat on the seats for our Crunch and Sip was amazing. The harbour was a buzz with activity as we “strolled” along the break wall. We were proud of the effort the children made and the pleasure they gained from their persistence.

The Newcastle Museum experience was engaging and fun. The children had some free adventure time with lots of science based activities and the guided activity sessions were professional and interesting. It is certainly advised as a school holiday experience.

The children were all extremely well behaved and surprised themselves that they could walk so far and enjoy our magical city of Newcastle. It is always a privilege to be able to exercise and we can view all movement as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. Floraville school students made us proud on the day with their manners, persistence, inclusive personalities and happy attitude. Thanks to the mums who were able to support us on the day and enjoy a truly magical opportunity to visit our beautiful city environment....NEWCASTLE!

The Kindergarten Team


Welcome back to Term 4.

Last night the P&C welcomed Mr Robson.

 Peter Guest – P&C President



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