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T2 integrated high speed dome camera


Product Feature

Built-in Multiple Protocols; Pelco D-type, Pelco P-type, EYEVIEW, VCL, GE etc

Offer 18/22/26/27/36 times Optical Lens

1/4” SONY Hi-Resolution Color Ex-view CCD Camera

Images with a high resolution 530 TV lines can be obtained using a newly developed DSP for improved picture quality。

Auto focus and Iris Lens

Manual Speed 0.1°/Sec ~ 80°/Sec Vari-speed, Turbo ON can up to 150°/Sec

400°/sec Pan Preset Speed and 200°/sec Tilt Preset Speed

Preset Point deviation value: ±0.1°

Programmable Locations of Labels and On-Screen Displays

Proportional Pan/Tilt: Continually Decreases Pan/Tilt Speeds in Proportion to Depth of Zoom

Built-in Menu System for Setup of Programmable Functions

Privacy Masking (8 sets)

Camera Title Inputs (Up to 12 User-Definable Characters)

T2 firmware can be upgraded instantly via USB connecter, which allow easy upgrade-support even after installation.

128 Preset Points and 4 Preset Tour

Patterns: Up to 2, On-Screen, User-Defined Programmable Patterns

Built-in video/RS485 surge protectors

Double strength “total die-cast aluminum structure” for outdoor housing

36 times Optical Lens

This T2 series speed dome offers the best lens, the SB36 series implements 432X zoom capability with 12 digital zoom. It can capture objects from a far distance to be clearer and faster. The TⅡ series also features a 18X/26X/36X optical zoom lens and 12X digital zoom to provide 216X/312X/432X zoom capability。

Digital Slow Shutter

The Digital Slow Shutter allows the camera a long exposure time of 1/4 second. This translates into a higher sensitivity and minimum illumination of only 0.03 Lux (IR cut filter OFF / Color mode). 0.01 Lux(IR cut filter ON / B&W mode) or 0Lux with IR illuminator.

8 SET Privacy Zone Masks

3D privacy masking allows users to program masking on any portion of the video image. The privacy mask also increases its size in proportion to the factor of zoom。

Slow Shutter & ICR Function for a crisp image

Light conditions are no longer a problem for the SB18/SA26/SA27/SB36 series. It can provide optimal surveillance performance in low light situations with both its slow-shutter and Auto IR cut filter elimination functions. The slow shutter function improves the CCD sensitivity by electronically lengthening exposure time. The ICR function automatically controls the same operation by using the color picture plus an infrared cut filter during the day or a black&white picture plus filier (??) elimination at night. In day-time, it functions as a color camera sensitive to 0.7 Lux, and at night-time, it automatically converts the image to a monochrome picture with a 0.01 Lux with slow shutter control.

Wide Dynamic Range Mode

Wide-D is an advanced backlight compensation function that dramatically improves camera dynamic range by 128 times to reproduce clear images in extreme high-contrast environments. This function is effective when shooting images against the sun, or when shooting a very bright subject.

Slow AE Response

Slow AE Response function is useful when monitoring areas in which lighting conditions change abruptly.
For example, in the application of monitoring in underground parking or traffic monitoring at night, when car headlights are directed towards the camera, the exposure level is slowly reduced. Accordingly, it is possible to monitor and identify image surrounding the headlights such as the car’s license plate and the driver.

Preset Point Function

This TⅡ series can be set to handle up to 128 preset positions. Any one position can be called up at any time. The built-in image stabilizer compensates for vibrations and fluctuations caused by the camera’s movement. Panning speeds of up to 400°/sec and 200°/sec allow users to capture an object faster and more efficiently.

Auto Return function

The camera can be set to return automatically to its original position or to restart a specified operation (preset point / auto pan / auto tour / auto Patterns) at selected intervals. Intervals can be selected from 1~99 mins.

Alarm Input Function

The T2 can option with four alarm inputs. Alarm signals will activate the camera to automatic on preset point corresponding to the alarm received.

All point coverage at high speed

Eyeview Speed Dome Camera help to improve monitoring environments with an ideal coverage area that is made possible with a 360 degree rotation range to cover any possible position.

Hot and Weather conditions

This T2 offers fans + heaters which allow outdoor dome to be operated under a very wide range of temperature from -40℃ to +50℃ without safety concern.









Image CCD Sensor



Picture Elements

NTSC: 811 x 508 / PAL: 795 x 596




Minimum illumination

1.4 lux(Day mode), 0.01 lux (Night mode, 1/4sec)

0.7 lux(Day mode), 0.01 lux (Night mode, 1/4sec)

1.0 lux(Day mode), 0.01 lux (Night mode, 1/4sec)

1.0 lux(Day mode), 0.01 lux (Night mode, 1/4sec)

1.0 lux(Day mode)


36x optical zoom, f=3.4 mm (wide) to 122.4 mm (tele), F1.6 to F3.8

18x optical zoom, f=4.1 mm (wide) to 73.8 mm (tele), F1.4 to F3.0

26x optical zoom, f=3.5 mm (wide) to 91.0 mm (tele), F1.6 to F3.8

27x optical zoom, f=3.25 mm (wide) to 88 mm (tele), F1.5 to F3.8

22x optical zoom, f=3.9 mm (wide) to 85.8 mm (tele), F1.6 to F3.8

Digital Zoom

12x (432x with Digital zoom)

12x (216x with Digital zoom)

12x (312x with Digital zoom)

10x (270x with Digital zoom)

16x (352x with Digital zoom)

Viewing angle (H)

57.8º (wide end) to 1.7º (tele end)

48.0º (wide end) to 2.8º (tele end)

54.2º (wide end) to 2.2º (tele end)

53.2º (wide end) to 2.1º (tele end)

52.2º (wide end) to 2.5º (tele end)

Minimum working distance

320 mm to 1500 mm

290 mm to 800 mm

320 mm to 1500 mm

100 mm to 1000 mm

100 mm to 1000 mm

Video output

Composite: 1.0 Vp-p, 75Ohms

S/N Ratio

More than 50dB

More than 48dB

Electronic Shutter

1/3(1/4) to 1/10,000 s, 20 steps

1/50(1/60) to 1/10,000 s

Focusing system

Auto , One-push AF, Manual, Infinity, Interval AF, Zoom Trigger AF

WRD function



Slow AE response



Operation P/T

Pan movement

0° ~ 360° continuous endless

Tilt movement

0° ~ 90°

Pan speed

0.5°/SEC to 80°/SEC vari-speed

Tilt speed

0.5°/SEC to 40°/SEC vari-speed

Turbo manual speed

Pan:150°/SEC ; Tilt speed:80°/SEC

Preset point

128 preset, Option 255 preset







PRESET speed

600°/SEC(Pan:400°/SEC ; Tilt speed:200°/SEC )


RS485 interface

ID address

0 ~ 255 address

Power suppy

AC20V - AC40V;AC24V nominal ( Power conmsuption 45W )



Operating Temp.

-40℃ ~ +50℃ ; Humidity: 0 ~ 95%RH
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