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Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - 3Ds Fish Tales/Swarthy Songs For Swabs cd 1991 Hellzapoppin cd 1992 Strange News From...

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones

Live Art Two CD 1999 F-00047

Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest CD

Bela Fleck, V.M. Bhatt, And Jie-Bing Chen

Tabula Rasa CD 1996 B-00012

Fleetwood Mac

Best Buy Presents Fleetwood Mac Tour '97 Collector's 2 Cd Set Two CD 1997 F-00012

Live Two CD

Rumours CD

The Chain Four CD Box Set

The Fleshtones

Blast Off! - The ROIR Sessions Import CD 1990 F-00020

Flies Inside The Sun

...An Audience Of Others (Including Herself) CD 1995

Flin Flon

A-OK CD 1999 F-00011

Black Bear EP CD single 1999 F-00033

Boo-Boo CD 1999 F-00034


multi-personality tabletop vacation CD

Tenjira CD

The Spirit Of Kenny G CD 1997

The Mike Flowers Pops

A Groovy Place Import CD 1996 F-00069

Light My Fire/Please Release Me Import CD Single 1996

Flying Saucer Attack

Chorus Less is More CD

Distance CD

Flying Saucer Attack CD

In Search Of Spaces Import CD 1997 F-00023

New Lands CD 1997

Sally Free and Easy EP CD

Flying Saucer Attack/Roy Montgomery



Male Two CD

Sink Import CD

Thaw Import CD

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Folke Rabe

What?? CD 1970

Fonda 500

8 Track Sound System Import CD 1999 F-00041

Brigitte Fontaine

Caliméro Import CD Single 1999 S-00125

Foo Fighters

The Colour And the Shape Import CD 1997 F-00071

Learn to Fly Import CD Single 2000 F-00055

The For Carnation

Marshmallows CD 1996

Julia Fordham

East West CD 1997 F-00003

Falling Forward CD 1994

The Genius Of Julia Fordham CD 1989 F-00027

Swept CD

Thejuliafordhamcollection CD 1998 F-00008

Forest For The Trees

Forest For The Trees CD 1997

Juan Carlos Formell

Songs From A Little Blue House CD 1999 F-00040

Guy Forsyth

NeedleGunNeedleGun CD

Fountains Of Wayne

Rarities And B-Sides CD 2000 F-00061

Terry Fox

Ataraxia - Works With Sound Import CD 1998 00001

Michael Fracaso

when I lived in the wild CD

Roddy Frame

The North Star Import CD 1998 F-00032

Reason For Living (CD2) Import CD Single 1998 R-00022

Reason For Living - CD1 Import CD Single 1998 F-00037

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Welcome To The Pleasuredome Import CD 1984

Aretha Franklin

Amazing Grace Two CD

Queen Of Soul - The Atlantic Recordings Four CD Box Set 1992

Frazier Chorus

Ray Import CD

Sloppy Heart 3" CD Single 1989 F-00025

Sue Import CD

Wide Awake CD

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French, Frith, Kaiser, and Thompson

Invisible Means Import CD

Live, Love, Larf & Loaf CD


Marvin the Album CD

Gavin Friday

The World According To Me CD 1995 F-00024

George Frideric Handel

Baroque CD 1995

Robert Fripp

A Blessing Of Tears - 1995 Soundscapes - Volume 2 - Live In California CD 1995

Exposure CD 1979

The Gates of Paradise CD 1997 F-00072

Soundscapes - Live In Argentina CD 1994

Robert Fripp & The League Of Crafty Guitarists

Live CD

Show Of Hands CD 1991

Robert Fripp & The League Of Gentlemen

God Save The King CD 1985

Bill Frisell

The Sweetest Punch CD 1999 F-00038

Front 242

Headhunter/Welcome to Paradise CD single

Official Version CD


1 2 3 4 CD 1998

Heater CD 1997

Recorded Live at the Empty Bottle 7.23.96 575/? CD

Mitchell Froom

Dopamine CD 1997 M-00018

Edith Frost

Ancestors Import CD Single 1997

Calling Over Time CD 1997


The Sound Of Music CD 1995


Baby Loves A Funny Bunny CD 1996 F-00026

Conduct CD 1998 F-00017

Pardon My French CD 1997

pretty...slow CD

The Fugs

No More Slavery Import CD

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Robbie Fulks

Let's Kill Saturday Night CD 1998 R-00028

The Very Best Of CD 1999 F-00064

Ellen Fullman

Body Music CD 1993


Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow Import CD

Music For Your Mother-Funkadelic 45s Import CD

Future Bible Heroes

Memories Of Love CD 1997

The Future Sound Of London


Dead Cities (Ltd. Ed) Import CD


Lifeforms CD

Papua New Guinea CD


3 Field Rotation Import CD

Venoy (Bliss Out V.5) CD 1997

Very Well Organized CD

Peter Gabriel

Big Time Import CD 1987 G-00030

Biko Import CD Single

Birdy-Music From the Film Import CD

Blood of Eden (Jap. Edition) Import CD Single

deutsches album (Security sung in German) Import CD

Digging in the Dirt (+) CD single

ein deutsches album (face melt sung in German) Import CD

Eve CD 1998 G-00022

OVO Import CD 2000 G-00065

OVO Sampler Import CD Single 2000 G-00068

OVO The Millenium Show Two Import CD 2000 G-00066

Passion CD

Peter Gabriel (2 : Scratching Fingers) Import CD

Peter Gabriel (in the car) Import CD

Peter Gabriel (melting face) Import CD

Plays Live Two CD

Secret World Live Two CD

Security CD

Shaking The Tree (Hits) CD

Sledgehammer 3" CD Single 1986

Snowflake Two Japanese Import CD 1993 G-00025

So Import CD

Steam (Ltd. Ed. Box) Import CD Single


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Jeffrey Gaines

Galore Two CD 1998 G-00007

Headmasters of Mine CD single

Serge Gainsbourg

Comic Strip CD 1996

Diamanda Galas

Malediction And Prayer CD 1998 D-00020

Masque Of The Red Death Two Import CD 1988 G-00037

Plague Mass (Live) CD

Galaxie 500

Box Set Four CD Box Set

Copenhagen CD 1997

Alastair Galbraith

Mouse And Gaudylight CD 1996

James Galway

Bach Vol. 2 - Trio Sonatas CD 1996 G-00044

Game Theory

Distortion Of Glory CD 1993

Lolita Nation CD 1987 G-00004

Real Nighttime CD 1985

The Big Shot Chronicles CD

Tinker To Evers To Chance CD 1990

Two Steps From the Middle Ages CD

Gamelan Degung

Bulan Dagoan/Gentra Pasundan Japanese Import CD 1997

Gamelan Pacifica

Trance Gong CD 1994 G-00046

Gamelan Ubud

Field Recordings From Bali CD 1999 00015

Gang of Four

100 Flowers Bloom Two CD 1998 G-00010

A Brief History of the Twentieth Century CD

Entertainment & Yellow EP CD

Shrinkwrapped CD 1995 G-00063

Solid Gold & Another Day Another Dollar CD

Songs Of The Free CD 1996

Tattoo Import CD Single 1995 G-00064

Jan Garbarek

Mnemosyne Two CD 1999 G-00067

Song for Everyone CD 1985 S-00216

Visible World CD 1996 J-00036

Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble

Officium CD

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Sue Garner

Still CD 2000 G-00052

To Run More Smoothly CD 1998

Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook

Black Rock CD 1998 D-00010

Gastr Del Sol

Camoufleur CD 1998

Crookt, Crackt, or Fly CD

Mirror Repair CD

The Harp Factory on Lake Street CD

The Serpentine Similar CD

upgrade & afterlife CD


Boston - NYC 1994 CD 1998 G-00031

Dew Line CD

The Monolake CD 1997

Marvin Gaye

Collection CD

I Want You CD 1994 G-00033

Let's Get It On CD 1994 G-00034

Love Starved Heart Rare And Unreleased CD 1994 G-00035

Trouble Man - Motion Picture Soundtrack CD 1994 G-00036

What's Going On (reissue) CD

Ron Geesin

Music From The Body CD 1990 W-00057

General Public

...all The Rage CD 1984


Abacab CD

...And Then There Were Three... CD 1978

Archive #2 1976 - 1992 Three CD Box Set 2000 G-00096

Archive 1967-75 Four CD Box Set 1998 G-00003

Cryme Import CD 1997 G-00018

Duke CD 1980 G-00095

Foxtrot CD 1972 G-00069

From Genesis To Revelation (Two Disc Version) Two CD 2000 G-00085

From One Fan To All Others Two Import CD G-00074

Genesis Live In Montreal Two Import CD 1974 G-00075

King Biscuit Flower Hour CD 1991

Live CD 1973 G-00070

Live At Earl's Court 24, June 1977 Two Import CD 1977 G-00076

Live At The Cleveland Music Hall 15, April 1976 Two Import CD 1976 G-00077

Live At The Uptown Two Import CD 1978 G-00078

Musica Two Import CD G-00079

Nursery Cryme CD 1971 G-00071

Seconds Out

Selling England By The Pound CD 1973 G-00072

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Selling England By The Session Two Import CD G-00080

Spot the Pigeon Import CD Single 1977 G-00101

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Two CD 1974

Three Sides Live Two Import CD

Three Sides Live (UK Version - Four Sides Live)

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Import CD Single 1987 G-00029

Trespass Import CD

A Trick Of The Outtakes Import CD G-00073

A Trick of the Tail CD 1976 G-00091

Turn It On Again - Best Of '81-'83 Import CD 1991

Turn It On Again - The Hits CD 1999 G-00055

The Way We Walk (Volume 1) - The Shorts CD 1992 G-00058

The Way We Walk (Volume 2) - The Longs CD 1993 G-00060

Wind & Wuthering

Ceara And Minas Gerais

L.H. Correa De Azevedo CD 1997 G-00016

Lisa Germano

excerpts from a Love Circus Import CD

Geek the Girl CD

Happiness CD

I Love A Snot CD single 1996

on the way down from the Moon Palace CD

Slide CD 1998 G-00009

Lisa Gerrard

Deux Titres "Live" (1994) Import CD Single 1995

The Mirror Pool CD

Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke

Duality (Ltd. Edition) Two Import CD 1998

George Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue/An American in Paris CD


Getchertiktz CD 1996 G-00020


Moon Rise Over The Silk Road CD 1999 G-00053

Angela Gheorghiu

Verdi Per Due CD 1998 C-00142


Majurugenta CD 1993

Bikram Ghosh

Talking Tabla CD 1997 G-00056


Damon and Naomi with Ghost CD 2000 D-00081

Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet CD 1999 G-00097

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Jon Gibson

In Good Company CD 1992

Visitations I & II + Thirties CD 1972

Bruce Gilbert

8 Time Import CD 1981 G-00041

Astrud Gilberto

The Silver Collection CD

Bebel Gilberto

Tanto Tempo CD 2000 G-00094

Doug Gillard

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department CD 1999 P-00107

Gin Blossoms

As Long As It Matters Japanese Import CD 1996 G-00045

Allen Ginsberg

The Ballad of the Skeletons (with P.Glass, P.McCartney) CD single

John Giorno

You're The Guy I Want To Share My Money With CD

The Glands Of External Secretion

Northern Exposure Will Be Right Back CD

Philip Glass

1000 Airplanes On The Roof CD 1989

Akhnaten Two CD 1987 G-00032

Anima Mundi CD 1993

The Civil Wars CD 1999 G-00093

Dancepieces CD 1987 P-00007

Dracula CD 1999 G-00042

Einstein on the Beach Four CD Box Set

Glassworks CD

Koyaanisqatsi CD

Kundun CD 1997

La Belle Et La Bete Two CD 1995

Low - From The Music Of Daivd Bowie & Brian Eno CD 1993

Music In Twelve Parts Three CD Box Set 1996 P-00010

Music Of Candyman CDR 2000 G-00088

Music With Changing Parts CD

Powaqqatsi CD

Satyagraha Three CD Box Set

Solo Piano CD

The Photographer CD 1983

Two Pages, Contrary Motion, Music In Fifths, Music In Similar Motion CD 1994 G-00049
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