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Directions: In this section, there are 27 useful expressions you’ve learned in passages a &B. try to put them into Chinese and remember them


Additional Exercises of New Horizon College English (Book 4)


Part I

Section A

Directions: In this section, there are 27 useful expressions you’ve learned in passages A &B. try to put them into Chinese and remember them.

  1. cut down

  2. in rags

  3. for good

  4. trip up

  5. make up

  6. come down in the world

  7. to a / some degree

  8. go along

  9. in advance

  10. find one’s way into

  11. run for

  12. vote in

  13. from door to door

  14. take care of

  15. spy on/ upon

  16. shut out of

  17. have / get the upper hand

  18. make up

  19. break up

  20. tear down

  21. in / by contrast

  22. in earnest

  23. be proud of

  24. lay out

  25. feel like

  26. watch over

  27. deliver the goods

Section B

Directions: In this part, there are 15 incomplete statements here. Fill in each blank with the

proper form of the word given in the brackets.

1. It took him three hours to find the (solve).

2. This football team’s (perform) has been excellent during the whole year.

3. The Queen’s visit was a (memory) occasion.

4. The fresh seaside air is (profit) to her recovery.

5. (Science) are often invited to give lectures to children to help them understand science.

6. In some ways these schools are (differ) from Chinese middle schools.

7. The experts believe that the (origin) inhabitants of North America came form Asia.

8. The college degree has replaced the high school diploma as a (qualify) for desirable jobs.

9. It is a (health) competition that you expect in the software market.

10. All things considereD. the car is quite (economy) of petrol.

11. The annual ceremony of celebrating Lincoln’s birthday has sometimes had (character) of a religious service.

12. What did he say (regard) my proposal?

13. Those (value) pieces of ancient blue china belong in a museum.

14. Christmas (decorate) have been put up weeks before the festival.

15. Obviously water is (essence) to all the lives on this planet.

Section C

Directions: In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. For each sentence, there are four choices marked with A), B), C), and D). Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.

1. He’s not on the telephone, which makes it difficult to get in with him.

A. link B. touch C. connection D. relation

2. After years of bee dance, he discovered that the dances have certain patterns.

A. looking at B. seeing C. observing D. viewing

3. More than six thousand ventures were established last year in the coastal areas.

A. combined B. united C. joint D. joined

4. I don’t have the right , or I would make these boards into a box.

A. tools B. instruments. C. appliances D. machines

5. When boiled the white of the egg .

A. stiffens B. hardens C. fastens D. freezes

6. Many Europeans the continent of Africa in the 19th century.

A. exploded B. exposed C. expanded D. explored

7. There is no electricity again. Has the blown then?

A. fuse B. wire C. plug D. circuit

8. The soldiers their strength for the coming battle.

A. confirmed B. composed C. confused D. conserved

9. She is now working as a nurse in a hospital the Medical College of this city.

A. attached to B. detached from C. used to D. exposed to

10. After going over the art exhibition, we a famous painter for a while.

A. varied with B. visited with C. waited for D. woke up

11. Before I noticed some small differences, I had thought the machines were .

A. equivalent B. identical C. artificial D. occasional

12. The new regulation will soon come into .

A. force B. strength C. value D. effective

13. If your knowledge can be in some way with my experience, we are sure to succeed.

A. joined B. combined C. united D. connected

14. The current of air pressure on the sails so that the ship can move.

A. exercise B. apply C. exert D. execute

15. When we discussed office matters last week, he that he would retire next year.

A. indicated B. signaled C. implied D. hinted

16. Money is often the of many divorces.

A. motive B. cause C. reason D. ground

17. If I cheat in the examination, do you think I can .

A. get along with B. get away with

C. get away from D. get in touch with

18. Water is hydrogen and oxygen.

A. made up B. made by C. made up of D. making by

19. If I tell you the secret, promise to it to yourself.

A. keep B. contain C. maintain D. stick

20. She a clear memory of her school days.

A. restrains B. obtains C. retains D. gains

Part II

Directions: In this part, you are asked to paraphrase the following 10 sentences and translate

them into Chinese.

  1. Certainly middle-class audiences did; the working-class audiences were more likely to clap for a character who revolted against authority, using his wicked little came to trip it up, or aiming the heel of his boot for a well-placed kick at its broad rear.

  1. … he made up a nonsense language which sounded like no known nationality.

  1. English tramps didn’t spot tiny moustaches, huge pants or tail coats: European leaders and Italian waiters wore things like that.

  1. He postponed that day as long as possible: in Modern Times in 1936, the first film in which he was heard as a singing waiter, he made up a nonsense language which sounded like no known nationality.

  1. Chaplin didn’t have his jokes written into a script in advance; he was the kind of comic who used his physical senses to invent his art as he went along.

  1. Ms. Mbogo launched her dream of a career in politics in 1992 by running for the Embu Council, facing the obstacles that often trouble African women running for political office.

  1. But after independence, leaders jealous to protect their power shut them out of politics, a situation repeated across the continent.

  1. Ms. Mbogo said she had become frustrated because the donor groups that provide substantial aid to Kenya’s rural areas “did not want to come here.”

  1. Ms. Mbogo has not met with the kinds of abuse that other female politicians have been subjected to, however.

  1. Last June, Kenyan police attempted to break up a women’s political meeting northwest of Nairobi, insisting it was illegal and might start a riot.

Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A: Fast Reading Practice

Directions: In this part, you are asked to read the following Passages and finish the exercises following each passage

Passage 1

Jean Sibelius felt very much alone because he couldn’t accept the music of that day. He believed that one should be able to make for oneself an ideal by reflection, and thought that modern music did not progress because it marked time without moving a step farther.

When he began work on his Fifth Symphony, Europe and his beloved Finland were being ravaged by World War 1. He wrote in September of 1914. “But I already begin to see dimly the mountain that I shall certainly ascend-God opens His door for a moment and His orchestra plays the Fifth Symphony.” But from the very first he was full of doubts about this work. He suffered a good deal for having persevered in composing symphonies at a time when practically all composers had turned to other forms of expression.

The Fifth Symphony was completed late in 1915. It was performed on the composer’s fiftieth birthday which was declared a national holiday. Sibelius conducted the concert but he was not satisfied with this new work. In October of 1916, he revised the symphony but a performance two months later still did not satisfy him.


1. Why did Jean Sibelius feel alone?

A. Because he realized his limitations as a music composer.

B. Because he couldn’t accept the music of that day.

C. Because He lived far from his family.

D. Because all of his friend excluded him from music.

2. What did Sibelius think of modern music?

A. It reflected an ideal.

B. It did not make music progress.

C. It was too progressive.

D. It was not popular.

3. How did Sibelius feel after conducting the Fifth Symphony in 1915?

A. He was uncertain about his work.

B. He thought he was blind.

C. He was satisfied with his conducting.

D. He wasn’t happy about his new work.

4. When Europe and Finland were ravages by World War 1, how did he feel about his new work?

A. He began to see the mountains rather than the sea.

B. He was too discouraged by the war to play the Fifth Symphony.

C. He thought he was very stubborn.

D. He felt like continuing Fifth Symphony.

5. What was his problem when he began to compose symphonies?

A. He was not sure whether or mot he should begin on the symphony when all other composers had changed forms.

B. He did not have any confidence in musiC.

C. He thought he neglected the architectural form.

D. He thought he was a slave to his themes.

Passage 2

When I’m on the road, lots of people ask me an interesting question. How good is Shaq?

Now that O’Neal has helped the Lakers to a second straight NBA championship, I’m sure the question will be changed to ask where he ranks among the all-time big men.

I’ve been around the game for along time now. I coached 25 years—in high school, college and the NBA. I’ve been in television now for more than twenty years. I’ve seen a lot of basketball and many players. Let me tell you what separates Shaq form most of the big men who played the game. He has the agility, footwork and quickness to dominate inside. Shaq also has the awesome strength for a powerful in side game.

To me, when it’s all sald and done, he will be thought of as the greatest center ever to play the game it is hard for me to believe that I would say that, considering some of the best centers who starred in this game.

I think about Kateem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, three greatest ones. Jabbar passed and scored well, blocked shots and rebounded, thought he is nowhere near the rebounded that O’Neal is. Jabbar kept it for so many years.

There is a question about whether Shaq will keep this and take it to the highest level for another five years. If he matches what he has done now, continuing to grow at that rate , and improves a bit on the foul line, I feel he will be the top big man of all time.

O’Neal is very good on the defensive end as a shot blocker. He is a true warrior on the glass. Once he sets up post position on the offensive end, nobody can stop him. Nobody can play him head-to-head. He is so strong, and his powerful dunks can humiliate his opponents. As long as he is there, it will make his teammates better since opponents have to use two or three men to try to stop Shaq.

Some people say that he is not good at hitting a 12-foot jump shot. I would say that when you can shoot the highest-percentage shot, the slam dunk, you don’t have to worry that much about your shooting touch from outside.

He averaged 34 points and 17 rebounds per game in the NBA finals. That speaks his ability about performing in any important games.

O’Neal can make it to be the greatest center in NBA history. He is awesome with capital A. baby!


1. The passage is mainly about .

A. the recent performance of Shaq in the NBA games

B. suggestions for Shaq’s future development

C. the rank of Shaq among big basketball players in the NBA

D. outstanding basketball players in NBA history

2. Why does the writer mention his experience in basketball coaching?

A. To show off his rich experience in the field of basketball coaching.

B. To imply that hi is in the right position to comment on Shaq’s performance.

C. To show that it really takes time to become a famous basketball coach.

D. To attract the attention of readers and make advertisements for himself.

3. In the writer`s opinion, what distinguishes Shaq from other big basketball players is .

A. his outstanding ability to control the inside

B. his rich experience in playing basketball

C. his emphasis on team cooperation

D. his potential for further development

4. The writer believe that Shaq will the top among basketball players if .

A. he beats Jabbar in all NBA games in next five years

B. he keeps on playing basketball

C. he maintains his current level of achievement

D. he improves his 12-foot jump shots

5. Shaq enabales his teammates to have a much better performance in a game because .

A. Shaq is very good at defending his opponents

B. Shaq’s powerful dunks greatly frightn their opponents

C. Shaq can help them score easily by shooting from ouside

D. Shaq has attracted the most attention of their opponents

Section B

Directions: In this part, there are three passages. Read them carefully, and then finish the following exercises.

Passage 3

Kipchoge Keino is a modest man, and it takes some prodding to get the great Kenyan runner to recall how he felt on Oct, 20, 1968—when he won his first gold medal, in the 1500 meters in Mexico City. The day hadn’t started out well, Keino was suffering from stomach pains that later turned out to be a severe gallbladder infection. His doctors advised against running; he ignored them. During the race, Keino was so focused on competing against American ace Jim Ryun that, in retrospect, “without watching a video, I wouldn’t know what happened at the finish.” He does remember what happened next. “I ran an honor lap. I ran it to celebrate and to let my body recover. I felt overcome by the excitement.” It was not the only memorable event in his life that day. Back home, his wife, Phyllis, gave birth to their third daughter, named Milka Olympia Chelagat in celebration of her father’s victory.

Keino went on to win a silver medal in the 5000 meters in Mexico City and a gold and a silver four years later in Munich. He then became Kenya’s Olympic running coach from 1976 to 1986, furthering his nation’s dominance in distance events. Kenyan runners have captured 32 Olympic track medals since 1964 and won the last six consecutive Boston Marathons. This summer, Keino will be in Atlanta as chief of the 120-athlete Kenyan delegation, which could include his son Martin, 23, a former NCAA 5000-meter champion at the University of ArizonA. hoping to qualify for the 1500 meters.

But Keino’s athletic accomplishments are not the only reason he is a hero in the town of Eldoret in northwestern Kenya. Thirty years ago, Keino and his wife—who now have seven children of their own—began taking orphans into their home. Their house became so crowded that they raised funds to build a dormitory and a dining hall on a nearby farm Keino owns. Income to support the facility comes form the farm, his spots shop and fees he has received from the Kenyan government over the years. Today, 73 children and young adults—aged 2 to 22—live on the farm. “I think I have been lucky,” Keino says. “Now what is important is how I use what I have to help others.”

Short Answer Questions:

  1. Who is Kipchoge Keino and where is he from?

  1. Did he win his first gold medal easily? Why?

  1. How does he help his motherland to further his nation’s dominance in distance events?

  1. What do the Keinos do in their hometown?

  1. What do his countrymen think of him?

Passage 4

Of course there were doubts. There always are. Yao Ming was tall. Yao Ming was smooth. Yao Ming was the first pick in the NBA draft. But when he went scoreless in his first game and when he tripped over his own long legs in his third game, the doubts were everywhere, emphasizing what the man hadn’t done rather than what Yao Ming might do.

Charles Barkley, the Dream Teamer turned announcer, even went as far as promising if Yao Ming scored at least 19 points in a game he would kiss the behind of a broadcast partner. When Yao Ming a few days later had 20 against the Los Angeles Lakers, there was Barkley, his face pressed up against a donkey, which as we know form the Bible is called an “ass”.

Better an animal than Yao Ming himself, laughed the Chinese player, who missed something in translation and thought Barkley wanted to kiss him. “Then I stop at 18,” Yao Ming said through a translator.

When it comes to predictions, most people will stop at nothing. Three weeks into the season, 7ft 5in Yao Ming, late of the Shanghai Sharks, has become a presence, and could become the most dominant player in history.

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Americans who are known to be the best ever in the only game invented in America. Now from China arrives a player who is almost unstoppable.

“He shouldn’t be doing the things a man of his size is doing,” said Rudy Tomjanovich, Yao Ming’s coach on the Houston Rockets, meaning shoot from the outside, sprint down the court, be as graceful as, well, a 7ft Baryshnikov.

“When you see a man of that size with that ability,” said Brett Brown, the personnel director of the San Antonio Spurs, “you start to think he has the ability to be a franchise player, and you don’t throw that term around loosely.”

Yao Ming, who is learning English, who would rather eat steak than dim sum, who was the first international player without US university experience to be taken No.1 in the draft, has come to America. And America is impressed.

Twenty points against the three-time champions Lakers, who were without Shaq O’Neal, out with a toe injury. Then 30 points against the Dallas Mavericks. Off the bench.

Finally, two nights ago, Yao Ming was in the starting line-up, against the Washington Wizards of Jordan. Jordan, 39, the NBA as it was. Yao Ming, 22, the NBA as it will be. In the opening two minutes, Yao Ming hit a jump shot, blocked a Wizards shot and grabbed a rebound. He finished with 18 points.

“Once he gets adjusteD.” said Dirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks, who, coming from Germany, knows about adjusting, “he’s going to have a nice career.”

Yao Ming was on the cover of the weekly Sports Illustrated magazine, a place where, through the years, Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicklaus, Joe MontanA. Tiger Woods and Carl Lewis have been. They were champions. Yao Ming very well could join them.

Comprehension: Decide whether the following statements are True or False according to the passage:

  1. Yao Ming scored 19 points in his first game in the NBA.

  2. Yao Ming thought that Charles Barkley wanted to kiss him rather than the donkey.

  3. Owing to his size, Yao Ming was rather awkward when playing in the game.

  4. Yao Ming prefers traditional Chinese food to American food.

  5. Shaq O’Neal could stop Yao Ming in the game because of his toe injury.

  6. Just as Jordan stands for the past of the NBA. Yao Ming will stand for the future of the NBA.

Passage 5

Of all figures from America’s past, Abraham Lincoln is dearest to the hearts of the American people. In fact, the admiration they have for him borders on worship. Writers note that Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC is not unlike the temples that ancient Greeks built in honor of their gods, and that annual ceremonies of celebrating Lincoln’s birthday in schools and public places have sometimes had characteristics of religious services. Certainly Lincoln is America’s ideal of a great leader. He had many of the quality of leadership that Americans admire.

First of all, Lincoln’s career fits a popular American belief that every child can dream of becoming President. Americans admire the self-mad person—the one who, with neither money nor family influence, fights his or her way to the top. Lincoln was born of poor parents. His mother died when he was young. He had little opportunity for schooling. His early study was done alone at night by the light of a fireplace. He did hard manual labor through the day—splitting rails for fences, taking care of livestock, working on riverboat or in store. But as he grew older he studied law in his spare time and become a lawyer. He was a good speaker and student of political philosophy. His ability finally made a name for him and eventually he became President of the United States.

Lincoln is also admired because of his leadership during the difficult period of the Civil War. He dared to do what he thought was right at a time when his beliefs were unpopular with many people. He, in a sense, represents the spirit of union among the states. Before the Civil War, the economy of the South depended on an agricultural system which made use of slave labor. When reformers in the northern states put pressure on Congress not to permit slavery was a matter for the individual states to decide rather than the federal government, and they did not want to accept its decision. The national government said that not state had the right to secede, and the Civil War was the result. If the south had won the war, what is the United States might well have been divided into several countries. Lincoln worked hared to preserve the union, and the northern states were victorious.

Furthermore, Lincoln had many personal qualities that made him dear to the hearts of his countrymen. He had infinite patience and tolerance for those who disagreed with him. As President, he appointed men to high government positions whom he considered most capable, even though some of them openly scorned him. He was generous to his opponents. There are many stories about his thoughtful treatment of southern leaders. When the war as over, he showed the South no hatred. Since generosity toward a defeated opponent is admired by Americans, Lincoln fitted the national ideal of what is right.

Shortly after the Civil War endeD. Lincoln, was shot while attending a play in Washington Theater. He died within a few hours. The uncontrolled emotional reaction of the nation to hi death was almost unbelievable and demonstrated the deep esteem in which he was held. Newspapers were edged with black; religious leaders gave praise of Lincoln instead of their prepared sermons. His funeral procession in Washington was miles long. Train took Lincoln’s body back to his former home in Springfield. Illinois, but in all the major cities through which the train passed. the coffin was paraded through streets lined with sorrowful thousands. In the small towns through which the train passed bells rang in honor of the dead President. Citizens lit torches along the railroad track to show their last respects.

The circumstances of his death set Lincoln apart from other American leaders. Had Lincoln lived? it might well be that his postwar policies would have brought criticisms upon him that would have tarnished his popularity. Instead. an assassin’s bullet erased in the minds of Americans any faults he had and emphasized his virtues.


1. What are the aspects that made Lincoln ideal of a great leader?

A. Lincoln’s career and family

B. Lincoln was self-made person

C. Lincoln’s leadership during the difficult period of the Civil War

D. His career, leadership, generosity and right time of death

2. Lincoln’ s beliefs used to be .

A. unpopular with many people during the period of the Civil War

B. a self-made person

C. worshipped

D. popular with the American people

3. From the last paragraph it could be inferred that .

A. American people like those who are generous to their opponents

B. a president must be like a president

C. Lincoln’s death was at a right time to him

D. Lincoln is still popular with the American people

4. From the second paragraph we learn that .

A. a person who fights his or her way to the top will be president

B. Americans believe that everyone can be president if he has ability

C. a self-made person will succeed

D. it’s piece of cake to be president of the United States

Part Ⅳ Error finding and correction

Directions: there are four underlined parts in each sentence. Choose the one that is incorrect and correct it.

1. They feel what their mothers should be there with them.


2. She is going to spend the rest of her life in the country, which she has some relatives.


3. Believe it or not, that American eats onion-Chinese cheese three times as much of American cheese.


4. They dislike me because I’m absolutely independent on them all.


5. Because the breakdown of the ozone layer, humans face increasing danger from exposure to the sun’s rays.


6. John, together with Mary and Tom, were in the classroom when I got there to look for my pen.


7. It can’t be very much emphasized that agriculture is the foundation of the national economy.


8. On one time, Manchester, New Hampshire, was the home of the most productive cotton mills in the world.


9. A chessboard is placed between two players as a result each has a white square on the right side.


10. Some scientist say it is essential that mankind will reduce the amount of air pollution in big cities.


Part V Writing

1. Applied writing: write a letter to Nesta Jarvis, Principal, Miller Secretarial College, 20-24 landor RoaD. London N1a 2Xr.

In your letter the following content should be included: 非常感谢你邀请我于4月7日到9日参观你们的学校。我将高兴前往,期待着4月7日下午5时与你见面。

2. Structured writing: choose one topic and write a short composition with a general statement supported by details.


Marriage has obligations and responsibilities to take on

Love is not possessive

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